03 December, 2014

Eavesdropping along the corridors of JDWNRH

Are you leaving?” ,  says a patient attendant. “Yes, she is discharged” , comes a reply from a smile-lit face of the other attendant. 

Next comes a heart-wrenching, heavy and hefty request for the one leaving, “Please pray for the swift recovery of my patient."

These are the talks that one could hear along the corridors of JDWNRH.  As I reflect on that simple, short, moving talk, my heart became swollen and heavy. I could feel the pain albeit helpless I walk along the corridors. It’s just a touching flight of sentiments I could hear. It’s deep and wounding. One would better know when you see pain-driven patients in multi-categorized wards of JDWNRH. The new are born and there are equaling numbers succumbing to the ailments. Witnessing those uncertain life realities is just abhorrent. In the drama of life, we are actually witnessing Heal and Heaven LIVE right under our eyes.
Source: Google

People from all walks of life are brought together by the sicknesses in themselves or with relatives at hospital, know each other by chance and cruelty of time parts away at a flight of an eye wink. This is a day in and day out at JDWNRH or any hospitals.

Of all, as I overhear those talks, the heavy, emotion-laden request,  “Please pray for swift recovery of my patient” , was heart-piercing. It’s sentimental.

Want to see and understand how people suffer of sicknesses? Our Regional Hospital, JDWNRH is a Store House.  

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14 November, 2014

The Selfless Jewel King

At 16, when youngsters of his age were enjoying their youthfulness, an enormous, heavy responsibility of shouldering a landlocked country befell him. He beheaded his youthful life when his father, the then 3rd King, His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuk left untimely for a heavenly abode. However, he stood more than strong to spearhead his country that he’d planned ahead. His vision for his country was sky clear and farsighted. He is a man above extraordinary. He is our selfless Jewel King, His Majest Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

From oceanic noble steps that he strode for his country and people, following are a few ripples from many that make him a role model for an entire world.

At his age as a Monarch, is beyond stretch of my imagination how he could lead small, landlocked country, wedged between two economic titans. However, he was firm and by then he’d his focus made clear on paths that he shall walk for his country. He was formally crowned two years later, hitting the annuals of world record as youngest reigning monarch then.

Started rigorous decentralization process in a bid to fast track decision making process, and this has finally led to Constitutional Democratic form of governance. Though people were reluctant to accept the noble priceless gift from throne, His Majesty was confident on his part to usher his country into Constitutional Democracy. Through his farsighted lens of leadership, he’d seen it timely for the transition. This profound action of his shall be an epitome for all leaders around the globe.

Putting his life as secondary in the interest of nation’s sovereignty, His Majesty personally led the troops to flush out illegal militants who camped by southern belt. He is a great warrior in many ways. This brave action of his shall be an epitome for all leaders around the globe.
Source: Google Images

His Majesty is a great thinker: he whispered eloquently to the world that Gross National Happiness is a better measuring stick for economic development of the nation than Gross Domestic Product. He is a father of Gross National Happiness. This brainchild of him, climbed to the world stage when UN happily gave a nod to it by introducing Internal Day of Happiness on 20th March every year.  This noble think of his shall be an epitome for all leaders around the globe.

He travelled extensively to the remote pockets of the country, tirelessly through rugged terrains and climbed snowcapped mountains to understand conditions dwelling around his subjects. He’d brought about immeasurable developments within his reign of 34 years as a Monarch.  This tireless effort of his shall be an epitome for all leaders around the globe.

For the first time in the history of nation, he abdicated his kingship to ascend his heir to the throne. At his age then, his health and intellectual capabilities were invaluable to continue reigning for next decade. But he gave away his throne to his successor. This hallowed action of his shall be an epitome for all leaders around the globe.

During the golden reign of 34 years, the nation had witnessed an unprecedented growth and prosperity in a whole gamut of social-economic and political spheres.
Long Live His Majesty, the 4th Drukgyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuk!

PS: My tribute through small account of His Majesty, the fourth Dragon King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck as nation gears to celebrate 60th Birth Anniversary. Any statistical errors and omissions could be excused as article is just a minute fraction from his ocean wide initiatives and developments.
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28 October, 2014

Bhutanese Cuisine

I can feel every taste-bud of my tongue yearning for a Bhutanese Cuisine. Right after I landed to Bangkok, I could feel reluctance of my tongue for non-Bhutanese foods. What could be special dish for Thais went into dustbin when it was on my plate. It’s really difficult for my tongue to accept those foreign meals. My eyes could feast upon skycrappers and crowd around but I could feel my stomach grumbling for Bhutanese food. But no way could I find one around. I felt the same when I visited to Kolkata the previous year.
Bhutanese Beef Chilli
At Shah Ahlam, Selangor, in Malaysia where I came for a short training, it seems fairly better off than Bangkok. Here, because Indian and Chinese makes a certain proportion of Malaysian populace, has imported spicy meals into the country. But there are a few of it. At least grumbling of my stomach could be suppressed.  
Malaysian Nasi Lemak
Many people adapt fairly well with any meals but in my case it’s really typical one. In a sight, I can make a taste whether it would abode well with my tongue or not. Keep aside giving a try I prefer looking for one that gives a better appearance to eye of tongue. I could see how choosy I’m. If at all it’s possible for implantation of taste buds, I would happily do it. So, that my tongue can accept anything that world has to offer.
Thai Beef Ball
I was dumbfounded that taste of water here is different than Bhutanese one. Ours it is superior in lot of ways, at least my tongue feels this way in ways. 
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09 October, 2014

When taxes are looked as only internal source of revenue

Many Bhutanese are having hard time wrestling with a record number of taxes being imposed, from vehicles to fuels to telecommunication services. There is only one reason behind; to curtail outflow of Indian Rupees which had our economy pushed into ailing stage. The government of the day had this reason gilded in their minds even for imposing 5% tax on telecommunication services. And this is ludicrous. I cannot sketch zigzag lines to draw a link, keep aside the possibility of drawing straight lines to link how calling through mobile phones would contribute to outflow of rupees after all we recharge in Bhutanese currency and money we consume is in Bhutanese currency irrespective of the destination countries. I don’t find it radical and justified measure in none of n-ways.
I had my mobile e-loaded on 1st of October for Nu. 50 through my B-Wallet, and following message is what I got;
“Your account has been recharged successfully with Nu. 50, talk time received is 47.5. The recharge amount is arrived based upon 5% Tax charged against Nu. 50.”
This message is irritating at mind, deceitful in action and ear-drum disturbing. If it is at all a witty cheat, I would prefer not receiving this message. Every time you recharge and this disturbing message pops up. I think everyone would prefer going unnoticed than painstaking brunt one needs to bear.
Carrying heavy taxes is wallet-tearing, Source: Google
By token of this post, I am sure that I’m not being projected stingy, unpatriotic and disloyal to my country. I feel there many noble ways of being generous, patriotic and loyal to our own country than by dragging to contribute in this way. The telecommunication services are already costly and taking away 5% could mean adding to it further. Also, this could have adverse impact on service providers. Instead of prosperity, these businesses might take a recession. Through the lens of business perspective too, I cannot see any white spot. Through the prism of curtailing rupee outflow, I couldn’t see any rays being reflected. I find it ridiculous.

What next? This is the question that is impendingly high at the doorstep of citizen’s mind. 
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07 October, 2014

Running round the clock

Eve of Blessed Rainy Day,
I pushed my last post.
Since then I took a lengthy pause,
With the blessings of Blessed Rainy Day.

There has been traffic of works,
That was trivial but urgent.
Also there has been series of calls,
These had my time in a stall.

I could neither compose,
Nor walk along all of blogger reads.
It was time I got self-imposed,
To have missed many blogger treats.

Days were just crammed,
Compartmentalized and jammed.
I could find no passage,
As aisle of Blogosphere is clogged.
Source: Google

Thus, I am into hibernation,
Through the days of self-imposition.
Sooner I shall wake up,
And walk along with my dear Bloggers.

My hopes are high,
To glide and fly,
Days, weeks, months and years,
Through the path of Bloggers.

Until next time I write,
Unwinding my time,
I am pushing my wishes,

To all my Blog friends.
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22 September, 2014

Blessed Rainy Day 2014 (23rd September, 2014)

Happy Blessed Rainy Day to all my Blogger friends.

I swam through an ocean of past, my youthful days, those days that were jammed with memories, the memories of past Blessed Rainy Days; a day before Blessed Rainy Day, our heart would be bubbling with excitement. The night would past with a nap. The time a cock signals a birth of day at 3 in the morning, we’d be out of bed ready for a bath, the cleansing bath believed to rinse off sinful demerits we have had accumulated until date. Everyone would ensure timely bath is taken anyhow. For those who haven’t taken bath for long, it would be an annual bath they’re taking. Interestingly, there are many in remote villages who’d fit into this category. But, today, the situations have changed radically and I can’t construe it the same.

Those memories were triggered by a call I received from my cousin brother. He said that he has planned this year’s Blessed Rainy Day at Paro, for family-friends gathering concurrently.
Source: Google
Since I came to Thimphu after completing my undergraduate to look out for job in 2012, we have had similar gatherings for last two years. So, without a tinge of hesitation on a plate of my decision, I pressed an endorsement button for this intimately family plan he’d come up. This is one of a few days we could have family-friends get-together which otherwise is seldom possible. I cannot afford to toss away this day without a colour of memory for it. The hassle and bustle of daily affairs won’t arrange such beautiful gathering so frequently. This out-of-blue, seldom-tip-toeing day, emerging out of marshy daily schedules, must be put alight to savor the merriments in an uncertainly life we hold ourselves. So, the day has to be earmarked for important, entertaining, memory making activities. Also, day is a religious one and has to be religiously passed.

For my foreign friends, FYI; Blessed Rainy Day marks an end of monsoon season and beginning of harvest season. The day is declared a government holiday across the nation. On this day, people take bath at a particular auspicious time as determined by an astrologer, with a belief that it would cleanse off all the bad deeds and pollutions of life that would’ve accumulate bad karma. I suggest you guys to take bath on this day (tomorrow, 23rd September 2014) to rinse of your negative karma.

Happy Blessed Rainy Day to all. Thruebab Trashi Delek!
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16 September, 2014

Freely Littering Mentality

I have heard stories from Singapore, Australia and USA, from the people who’ve visited these countries.

For the first time visitors, they were surprised to have meted out with unusual, un-Bhutanesely encounter; in Singapore, people are not allowed to carry edibles while traveling by bus. It’s simply unbelievable.

In Australia, friends and relatives who had been there say that if you wear your white T-shirt for a week, it would be still with any dust on it. It’s same with the car, you need not wash for weeks. It’s simply amazing.

In USA, every single person takes care of litter, if one is seen littering, another person who has seen you littering would reprimand you, it’s not the concerned authority who is doing that. If they see fights or beating children or women, the case would be reported in a wink and police would zoom in from nowhere. Everyone takes responsibility of the society. It’s just wonderful.

I feel the story would be the same of many countries.

Talk about our country, it’s just the other way; we can take anything we like in public transports provided the space is available. Everyone litters care-freely. You buy a chocolate and wrapper goes on the ground. You drink a bottle of coke, it crumbles on the ground. The litters cannot reach its designated place despite numerous Green Bins put up by the municipality in towns, and Bins put up by schools as social contributions. Unfortunately, people who advocate proper use of bins end up littering outside freely.
Source: Google
There are myriad reasons for Bhutanese to gather and aftermath is the chunk of litters. In any gatherings, be celebrations, Tshechus, watching movies in a hall, going for picnics, queuing up to receive blessings, the by-products are litters, the trash from edibles and drinks.

Unlike, everyone taking responsibility in the mentioned countries, none of us take responsibility to care our own trash. It’s a story of SOMEBODY, NOBODY, ANYBODY and EVERYBODY, where responsibility gets shifted between the four to have none taken responsibility at the end of the day.

We’ve had enough awareness and policies being framed. But none has proved successful: one time, we’d defaulters fined but it didn’t work. Another time, we’d rigorous awareness campaigns to see that aftermath of those campaigns itself were garbage. It didn’t work either. What next?

I feel we have gone wrong at the root. Children were never taught to litter properly for our parents as children weren’t taught by their parents either. The repercussions of this flaw seem almost irreversible. We’re moving ahead without a way to turn back and rectify the foul steps that we’ve trodden.

Until date, no think-tanks could successfully think through to put a brake to this perennial issue we’ve been going with. We know there is a national call waiting for an answer. That answer everyone must ponder. All that we’ve ticked are incorrect answers. We bear hopes that we could tick a right answer one day sooner.

If we could replicate of Singaporian, Australian and American on ourselves, Bhutan would be an epitome of green environment. I could see a lot of elements worth emulating and importing from these countries.  But at this pace of litters we produce, Memelakha(a site identified for dumping trashes) would be everywhere across the country in no longer.

Everyone: you & I, parents, teachers and the government need to brainstorm over this perpetual issue of litters. What could be hit-the-nail answer to the call waiting in line?
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12 September, 2014

Suicide isn’t a panacea

Life has so much to do within a wink of life-span. For parents, their children have to be grown up and educated to stand on their own feet. For children, their parents bear a mountain of hopes that their children would someday grow up to provide walking stick when old. These are sheer simple things of life. More of it, the life has in its bucket. Life has to go on irrespective of the hurdles in our way stumbling us and walls that are unsurmountable. We should craft our ways to pass the hurdles and climb up the walls that are in our way. Life is such; neither the bed of roses nor the bed of thorns. Life has its tides, we must hold stronger to keep ourselves standing along the wavy ocean ride of life. The stronger the waves across ocean of life we travel, smoother we would sail along in life. It takes fortitude and perseverance, the twin passports to keep life going. While we must have fear to be cautious, we shouldn’t succumb to it.  

In life, suicide isn’t solution in itself. The suicide has become rampant over time. It now appears that suicide is fashioned as solutions for numerous problems in life. Especially, this appears to be the case with youths. In a speck of few months, there are lots flashing out on suicide and attempting to suicide cases. The students when beaten by teachers pick up suicide as solution to it. The lovers when couldn’t make through due to objections from parents find suicide as solution to it. The victims of the rape find suicide as solution to it. It has become an easy solution to life’s struggles. It has become a fashion for many youths. And this isn’t the right thing they’re doing at the end in life’s verdict. Their passing in this way isn’t bravery either. Their death isn’t noble in any way. Their death in this fashion is the most miserable option.
 In religious terms, life is precious and invaluable. Nothing can buy life of a person. Suicide taking one’s life isn’t justice to the merits accumulated for eons to have born in human’s realm, the best of all. Suicide isn’t a religious act either.

The numbers are increasing, it is becoming a concern. For teachers and parents, it is all becoming stone-hard difficult to raise them up and plant in them the life-lessons. Parents can’t put them on track even if heart sees their children veering off. Teachers can’t usher their students through the peaceful aisle of life even if they sees their students off track. The fear of suicide would keep their hearts melted never solidifying again. As pay-off for their hard work and noble intentions, they may see their lives behind bars for doing their duties. They’ve to reconsider their actions as their actions could be an easy button for suicide.

It’s a time, parents change conventional methods of bringing up their children. The current way appears not-for-present-generation way of growing children. In the same line, teachers might have to reconsider their present pedagogies  around teaching and educating students.

While Bhutan is less risk zone for endemic ebola virus, suicide is becoming contagious among youths and this is a plague that parents, teachers and nations as a whole needs to see through the lens of present generation and magnify the solution areas to see it clear in the future vision of nation.

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10 September, 2014

You & I are no less

Look, other side of the river fertile,
Close up, you see sterile.
Around, the people are happy,
Dig inwards, you are sappy.

Look, other side of land greener,
Close up, you find wintry dry.
Neighbors, they’re affluent,
Introspect, you aren’t less opulent.
Source: Google 
Look, other side of the valley tempting,
Close up, it’s a beauty deceiving.
Passers, they’re jubilant,
Search inwards, you aren’t less exhilarant.

Look, behind mountains they celebrate,
Close up, you see brawls exasperate.
Friends, they’re witty,
Count on self, you are crafty.

Look, the urbanites enjoy,
Close up, you see them unemployed.
Others, they’re vibrant,
Judge yourself, you aren’t less exuberant.

Look, things appear better off with others,
It’s you, who captures it so.
Mirror yourself high,
You aren’t less high.

PS: Composed just to update my Blog, it hasn’t shaped to label as poem per se.

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04 September, 2014

Add Reading Habit

Ask me if I’m a reader? I wouldn’t hesitate to answer, a big ‘NO’. As a student I have never read by interest, few that I read was for book reviews that I am required for internal assessment in class. Reading books weren’t chapter in the book of my learning. If I scored well in subjects, I am done. I am intelligent. I am brilliant. This is what I thought. But that was a biased evaluation, a flawed judgment. If it’s at all possible to go back young, I would add reading as my personal elective subject besides usual subjects. If I am given a minute time to advise (more accurately suggest) students present and future, I would say, “add Reading Habit” in the league of their habits.

Press me if I’ve added Reading Habit now? I wouldn’t feel a tinge of hesitation and my eyes wouldn’t lie to answer, ‘yes but very lately’. But in this little period, I’ve learned that reading could be the best habit one could ever possess. It can be the best companion under rain and shine of life. It can be a medicine for illness. It can be a nurse for a health of mind. It can be a doctor for a mental health. We need to add Reading Habit to have a forever friend, a nurse and a doctor.
Source: Google
Reading makes one; a doctor, engineer, pilot, traveler, hiker, business tycoon, scientist, athlete, actor, and a whole gamut of glamorous professions one could ever dream to become. The reading makes it possible. Travelling across the globe is no huge hassle for a reader. Reading makes you travel at an unimaginable pace; without the knowledge you’re onboard, you land up in different worlds feasting your eyes with abundant beauty of the world. We need to add Reading Habit to become all-in-one.

There are so many challenges that are coming up; Book Bucket Challenge is one kind where you list top ten books you’ve read but your count not making to ten is a huge blow on the face of your Habits. I encountered this. I was nominated for BookBucket Challenge by my blogger friend Rima, I couldn't continue the challenge as my reads can never add up to ten. But I would do next Challenge. We need to add Reading Habit for challenges.

I have very little in me and travelled far and wide bluffing on reading. Never mind, I am a want-to-be good reader. I am spreading my arms with the hope that my friends could put in loop as many others to add Reading Habit. More than any one, parents and teachers across could be a locus point for this. Add Reading Habit to everyone to have most of the things if not everything.

Add Reading Habit.
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01 September, 2014

Peeking through the myopic lens of two years’ experience

It’s a weekend, rejuvenating myself, I stood on the hill of Changangkha overlooking scenic beauty of Thimphu City with my myopic lens to peek through my barely two years’ experience into the world of reality. Until two years ago, I was just harboring on hopes and expectations of my life.

After studying four years to obtain UG tag, I thought world would be mine. I thought I would be enjoying a comfy of rotating chair with many under my dictate. But the fact is real and my expectations surrealistic. The ground realities mirror a different thing; I’m under the command of many others. Of the undergrads employed, I stand at its nadir. In the hierarchy of organogram, I am in the lowest echelons of it. Along the chain of employees, I am the last link. Literally, there isn’t way I could boast myself of any authority. But I’m happy authority comes with a huge responsibility.

I majored in Accounting and decided to take up a career in accounting field. Of the handful fortunate, so called luck of mine landed me into accounting career a corporate sector. I thought it entails colossal learning. I presumed it would be progressive feat in my life. But the reality reflected conversely; just learn the formulae of handling accounting software employed and it’s done. It just requires the rudiments of accounting; debits and credits. Know it and it is the practice that matters along. The daily work is routine. Day, week, month and year round you repeat over and again. I’m happy learning is self-initiative. By the side of my career, self-development must run in parallel. Office work has no room compartmentalized for it. I need to find it on my own.

While many people see greener pastures in job that involves frequent travels and tours. I was blunt on those grounds to have blinded sight. People in the Accounts are the ones who do least travels and tours. I am confined to my office and my presence can squarely equate with a care-taker. On the lighter talks amongst office mates, we used to aptly label ourselves Security Guards of the Office. But I’m happy I could eye on everyone’s travel itinerary and allowances they’d get on their travels. This I consider as luncheon frequently I feast on.
Source: Google

You and I learned so much in schools and colleges. Fed ourselves with innumerable feeds of concepts and theories. All of these are perspiring from me for I seldom use it. Few years down, I can see impending vacuum. However, should the need arise to relearn those I can always build upon remnants of it. I am still happy; cerebrum of our brain has that functionality which makes it possible to relearn at ease.

Until that time, until that happening, my work would go on over and again. Oscillate between work and self-development, scan the travel allowances of others, print checks and call recipients. I shall remain glued, immobile on my cozy chair. With happiness, I shall do all of it. This is way I cook my bread and butter.

I have presented the darker side of my career but brighter side of my career remains all-pervasive, etched in my heart. I shall present it on one fine sunny day.
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25 August, 2014

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

My eyes welled up, tears rolled down the cheeks, I was lying on bed flipping through the last few pages of the novel when the story is at its climax. My eyes couldn’t hold tears. I let it flow. Until this, I haven’t realized how emotional I am. How easily I could break down. As Nicholas Sparks took me through the height of his novel, each line is a droplet in the ocean of my tear-filled eyes.

The novel is intricately woven with threads of love, family and friends. Of course the waves and tides along the ocean ride of life.

The main characters include Kim, Steve, Ronnie, Jonah, Will, Blaze and Marcus. Kim is a single mother finding her way for her second love with Brian. She has a daughter and a son; Ronnie and Jonah. Their father Steve is away from New York, living a solitary new life in Wilmington, North Carolina. The story in between, connects the characters: Will,  Tom, Susan, Megan, Blaze, Marcus, Lance, Teddy, Scott, Pastor Harris, and others as Ronnie and Jonah sets for summer vacation with their father in Wilmington. The story gains momentum here.

The story turns wavy: low to high, high to low, sad to happy, happy to sad in Wilmington on vacationing their summer with  father whom they haven’t met for last three years, since he had moved from New York. Ronnie had never talked and responded to letters and calls her father made. She hadn’t been in good terms with her mother at home. Visiting her father isn’t her best time to see off summer. However, under duress, she consents to her mother to spend summer with her father who had been desperately starving to see his daughter growing to become a woman in a year and his growing son who is ten. He wants to make sure that his children understand why he’d moved away from them though that wasn’t his option. 

Ronnie falls in love with Will. Both of them love each other despite knowing the fact that the summer vacation shall set them apart. However, they remain adamant on their love. They’ve found common ground of love that synced. The summer seems flying as she spends time with Will.

With time she also starts loving her father whom she hated seeing. In a speck of few weeks of summer, she has changed a lot. She has undergone hell and heaven modification in her behavior, her attitude in a whole. The love around beautiful summer at Wilmington has done a lot to her as much as happiness between father and a daughter. She has seen different person in his father whom she thought otherwise. She thinks he is the best father she could have, a father who sees lot in his children. The summer goes beautifully with ambient love in family and Ronnie’s love with Will.

Source: Google
Their happiness is found short lived when Steve, the father feels ill of cancer which was known to himself, Kim and Pastor Harris. That was the same reason why he’d insisted Kim to send them with him for summer vacation and she has accepted his request. He wanted to spend his remaining days with his children whom he missed those three years since he moved away from New York.

Finally he succumbs to this terminal illness leaving his daughter and a son. But he has taught them a lot in a short summer they spent together. As a father, he did his duty to instill life lessons. Those were miracles.

The story ends on happy note: Will comes to New York for his studies and meets his charming Princess Ronnie.

The story is wrapped with lessons. I have enjoyed going through. My eyes were literally glued to the pages of the novel until the last page. The novel has lot to say of love, family and friends. Hate can turn into love and vice-versa. It largely delves into how relationships can turn sour and revert to its normalcy of sweetness. How relations once hurt and wounded can heal again. It also lessons how vital is the time of parents to their children to read correctly of each other.

I can bet many would break into tears if you read this novel, Nicholas Sparks is capable of it. Message in a Bottle is no less than this. Next in my to-read-list is The Note Book which is unfortunately out of stock in many stores last time I visited. That is really popular selling Novel and I should find it sooner. I can’t wait to read it soon but I have some preparation to do in between. I will read it one day sooner.

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19 August, 2014

Agay (old man) who hands us chocolate every morning

Barely a mile from my office, around the basement of Changkha Lhakhang(temple) lays apartment where I stay. The place is fairly quiet unlike near Flyover Bridge where I used to stay before which was full of commotion; vehicular honks could impose dreams to awake at the pitch night when many are enjoying a sound sleep. As young as four in the morning people walk off from their cozy bed to make as many circumambulations of the temple doing rosary concurrently. Old and young, from all walks of lives visit the temple for a lot of religious reasons; to pray for a newborn’s well-being, receive blessings for long journey and important undertakings, and many reasons within. The places nearby is a good combination of all. But rental is also quite high. It takes half of my salary. For me I have no choice as my Office is caged by the basement of Sangaygang (roughly translates to Buddha hill). The diameter of my travel would pinch me in monetary terms to look for reasonable apartment in places like Olakha, Hejo, Taba and Babesa. So, I have to put up here, which is walking distance to Office.

Quarter to nine in the morning, as I ferry to my office with my office mate, a few meters away on the way, a man at his eighties trudges every day from his home to do rosary at the temple. His upper part of body bends to form distorted 90 degree angle and walks with a stick. Walking down to the temple and doing rosary is his daily work. This is what many old people do. As they count down their days, they engage more into religion and confine their lives around the thread of prayer beads.

Every morning I and my friend meet him on the way, he pockets his right hand holding his walking stick with left, and he offers us a chocolate each. “Thanks Agay” we say.  Then he walks. He does it every day. On the first encounter, we just thought he might have seen us like school going children, because usually the old people use to gift kids with chocolate to make them happy. He might have seen us like school going children as we have a bag each on our back and a lunch bag each on our hand.
Source; Google
We’re blessed to be greeted with sweet chocolates every day from the man of his age. Man who would outrun longevity of today’s generations. He might have many to take of the world with his lifespan near the heel of century. We have never asked any questions to him for he might have lot to do at the temple and he would take longer to reach there at his tortoise pace.
We are fortunate to savor chocolate from Agay; we believe that if we get something to eat from old people, we would be blessed with longevity. We feel immensely blessed on that ground thinking that we would have extended our lives to his age. Everyone likes to live longer if it is possible.

On the sad note, we still don’t know who he is. All about him remain questions in our mind. We love calling him Agay. Our talk with him starts and ends with ‘thanks Agay’ upon handing us chocolate each.

He is definitely a kind man. He flashes a smile every day when he sees us. This brightens our day at office. This prelude of our day with this wonderful Agay handing us chocolate is really worth engraving in our hearts. We shall remain indebted for his chocolate and kind heart that he carries.

May this dainty sweet Agay live longer with his kindness to spark a light in many lives of school going children who meets along the way and receives chocolate.

We know very little of him but know much of his kindness at heart. Thanks Agay.

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15 August, 2014

Appreciate the rain as much as the sun

Umbrella is invented for protecting from rain as it is also to keep away from scorching sun. To this end every one of us tries to keep away from rain and sun. If it rains, we use umbrella, if it pours, we use umbrella. By this, we have implied we don’t appreciate both; rain and shine.

Of the two, we are inclined to sun. When it shines, we generally believe a day is good to do something; work in the field, make a journey, go for walk, etc. When it rains, by chance we need to go we go with umbrella. If at all not necessary, we confine staying at home. We have accepted sun a compatible companion but rain we haven’t accepted it unless it is needed for irrigating fields. We haven’t called for its need until crops in the field are drying out of thirst. We haven’t felt the need unless drinking water sources are drying out and faced water shortages at home.

At this time of the year, villagers are praying for bountiful downpour. They have their irrigation fields to get watered and crops are wilting under sun yearning for rainfall. Rainfall is only timed for them at this hour when the days are busiest prepping for bountiful harvest few months later. So, they need rainfall as much as sun for their crops.

Urbanites and everyone in Bhutan must smile to hear sky thunder, for it signals coming of rain to boost up our hydropower productions. Without a good amount of rainfall around this monsoon, the government’s earning through electricity is going to nosedive. With less rainfall, the face of Hydropower Sector’s Balance Sheet is not going to be as colorful as with deluging rainfall. Know that huge chunk of Bhutan’s GDP comes through Hydropower sector. Appreciate rainfall as much as sun. Rainfall is no any less than sun. It has become dearer with development policy clustered around hydropower. Celebrate when it rains.
To honor indebtedness to rain, I with some of my office friends walked under rain post lunch as we usually go for a few minutes’ walk.  We thought it is worth appreciating rain by walking under it without umbrella thwarting it. We did it in its petty way to honor our appreciation.

It was not enough I felt. After the office, still the rain is drizzling enough to sift through my gho and drench completely, I decided to walk under it. It was equally enjoying. I felt like I am taking a cleansing bath. It is as if like blessing from heaven to wash off sins that I have accumulated. It has lightened my body as much as brightening my mind. It was little I could do for rainfall.

Please appreciate rainfall as much as sun.
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14 August, 2014

More graduates less graduate jobs; government’s full employment afar

“It is not that we don’t have enough jobs, we have but it’s a mismatch of job requirements and what graduates look for”.

The above statement is a cliche of labor ministers and anyone who talks on unemployment in Bhutan. This is the statement that rings ears of the graduates every time they've to listen of unemployment. The government had stuck to their stance that there are enough jobs in the country.

Partially, I agree with this and partially not. It’s true that we have jobs in the market but these are not-for-graduate jobs. Those jobs don’t require theories and kind of studies that graduates has gone through. After undergoing Bachelor’s degree for three to four years just to get into some jobs which aren't for graduate qualifications, it isn't fair to the kind of time and money they've invested in. This is a big kick to their qualification.

There are enough jobs but there aren't enough jobs for graduates.

Government has been telling over and again to seek opportunities in corporate and private sectors for jobs rather than confining to old thinking that civil service is the first preference. Yes, time is changing, corporate and private sectors are doing well in job packages they have to offer. The density of thought that civil service should be the foremost option is steadily lessening. There are graduates who have seen greener pasture in corporate and private sectors. Nonetheless, general assumption that civil service jobs are the most secured still pervades across the minds of graduates which keeps alight the hope to sit on government chairs.
Source: Google
Whatever is the number of vacancies, how dim the possibility to get through it appears, graduates put up their ticket to sit for Civil Service Exam. For most of the graduates, they’re compelled to sit for examination as handful vacancies are being announced for corporate and private sectors. The vacancies as far as I have heard and seen in Newspapers are minimal. It could hardly be in few hundreds. We have few thousands with degree passports at their credit.

Our private and corporate sectors haven’t matured so much that it can absorb in flooding graduates. Neither can government machinery for barely more than a half million population require huge human resources to take in graduate population for the sake of employment. Until such time our private and corporate sectors mature to grow in its scale to provide enough for graduates, this perennial issue of unemployment must go on. We have to keep on pointing fingers and graduates have to keep on whining.

Government has said graduates to change their attitude and accept dignity of labor. They've said to start business. But these aren't working and it won’t work. Changing attitude isn't easy. Inculcating dignity of labor would go long down the line, it is attached with money. If you’re paid handsomely, dignity of labor is with it. If you are not paid enough, dignity is nowhere with it. It appears dignity is money today. Go to Australia and US, you clean and sweep toilets, still dignity of labor is with it. Here, we cannot put dignity of labor in cleaning, sweeping, labor work and all of those which we dub ‘blue collar jobs’. We can’t unless our economy could afford.

The solution for this perpetuating unemployment issue is through growth in private and corporate sectors. The government must look through beyond taxes to provide space for growth of private sectors. With the kind of taxes we are imposed, future entrepreneurs, business tycoons are made to die at its buds.

Government need to see how they can multiply entrepreneurs, convert unemployed graduates to enterprising businessmen, grow indigenous business titans, etc. This could be few solutions for all of economic problems. However, this isn't overnight miracle. It would take time. It would require politics to frame policies. It would require government machinery, the engagement of general people to implement and make these come through.

We need to breed our own businessmen and multiply it exponentially.
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12 August, 2014

Judging from external appearance isn’t right judgment

When we see artists; lead actors and actresses, comedians and any other popular mega figures, we generally assume that they’re enjoying life at its height. We presume they’re the happiest around, surrounded by cameras and lights. Their lives are glamorous, always put on pedestal by huge number of fans yearning to watch them. But this doesn't hold true many a times.
Actor Robin Williams, the great comedian was found dead at his home. It was suspected that he committed suicide. It was reported that he might have been undergoing silent battle of depression within though he might have acted externally happy as comedian. He made others laugh but internally he might have been bleeding profusely.

 Even comedian is not happy as much as he appears. He wasn't enjoying the jokes as much as his fans did. Finally, he had decided to kill himself, incapable of crossing insurmountable state of mind he had been struggling through. It would be deadening shocks for many fans to hear of his demise, a person who had projected himself happy and who had been spreading happiness to others with his laudable comedies.
Late Actor Robin Williams. Source: Google. RIP

It was reported that someone had even gone to an extent of accusing that his passing was selfish act. This is morally wrong to say. He would have done his best to keep going until no longer he could carry the load of depression. A state of mind is something that goes beyond ordinary thinking. By sheer appearances one cannot make out his true state of mind. Inside, the bitter part dwells unexposed and covered by the external realities. Our judgment is purely external. Inside is something that no magnifying glass could make it visible to human eyes. Sometimes it is even difficult for heart to feel it.

Our hypothetical thought that people who are on limelight, life encircled by cameras and lights, richness in billions, are happy aren't true as we see many tragic stories of popular figures unroll on our way.

Atsara (clown) isn't happy inside as much as he is represented by mask.

PS: Written to convey my feeling that even comedians, as happy they appear aren't really happy. We don’t see inside part by looking from outside. 
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08 August, 2014

Losing eyes; the windows of the world

Windows through which I see the beauty of world is deteriorating slowly. Within a speck of barely two years into job, I can make it clearly. It’s losing its reach. I have considered myself with the best eyesight, not to have use enhancing glass, specs.  I had a clear vision of fairly far-off objects then. Now the same distanced object would appear blur to my eye. It’s on fall. This I assume may be the case for many office goers, especially who find themselves glued on the computer screen; officially or to kill off time. This is coupled up by TV at home; watching interesting movies, series, news and talk shows. Our eyes aren’t able to take all of these so often. This, it has already signaled though physically it is in form.  

I cannot afford to lose precious part of my world. It is priceless. What I get for my job cannot buy it either. Its value would be immeasurably high that salary of mine can replace. I cannot imagine entering into darkness after having seen beauty it mirrors. The world would be hard for me. I have been accustomed with this world through these two wonderful windows.

It is irrational for anyone to lose one’s eyesight for exchange of performing official duties. I shouldn’t overburden my eyes. The normal routine work would flow on, same way my eyes ain’t capable. Intermission is required. Pause is required. Break is required. Suspension for a while is required. These are the ways we treat our eyes. Our eyes ought to get treated every time we stretch on for few hours. It has to be paid in return. We cannot afford to overuse it. 

Source: Google

I have seen many friends who have started wearing glasses. They had good eyesight before. No unusual things did damage to it. It was  attributed to normal routine job that everyone of us do; office works, social networking, watching TV, playing computer games, playing with mobile phones, etc. I didn’t include reading in the list as it would account to very few.

We cannot insert full-stop on aforementioned causes, it has to go on. Our everyday homework must be to find out equilibrium of it. There is a need for setting a point of equilibrium, between work and rest. As much as work is important, our eyes are more important. The right balance is required. Every individual needs to find their own equilibrium. Equilibrium of me cannot be equilibrium for others. So set your own equilibrium; see how much your eyes can take.

Friends, think over this if you haven’t realized it. It is not too late. For me I have seen it declining. If I am to put on graph, it would be steep downward curve. This isn’t right time for my age to suffer Presbyopia. It is too early for that.

I shouldn't damage my eyes for helping Optical Business.
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07 August, 2014

When Birth coincides Death

“If peace can only come through killing someone, then I don't want it.”-Hiro Mashima

Sorry for one, for whom birth coincided the death. Given to see a light for seconds, he is made to resign immediately, never to enjoy the real beauty again. Though he might have a lot to say, he is just born. Though he might’ve the heart to seek refuge in others, he is just born. Though he might’ve hopes to grow big in life, it is torn apart at root. Though he might’ve lots to give back tomorrow, he is stripped off to go on. Though he might have much to tell world tomorrow, he couldn’t past a day to convey. For him dead tomb was nearby his birth. Sorry for all he couldn’t despite lots in him, he has to face inhumanly treat right upon his birth.

Who has the grave heart to kill one’s own? She couldn’t be a mother. If she is, she could be a heartless bitch not a mother. How can she throw her infant otherwise? How can she do that, dreadful act? She is not a mother by this act.

How can she justify tossing her own like a by-product. Even animals don’t. Her act is the worst of all, not doing of animals. Animals could teach her books on love and care one’s offspring ought to get.

If she says he’s fatherless, too hard to take shame of it, why not give him a humanly decent birth. Confess to the world that you cannot carry shame along and want to dispose him off, not to the forests, jungles, drains, safety tanks and host of grossly places, but to someone who has heart to grow him big, who sees future in him, someone who sees human in him. He would be happy that he is not in the hand of monster. He is given right to live not in his own home but in better-than-own home of other. The human home in fact.

If she is not ready for motherhood and got him by accident, why kill him? Look for someone who is in need of one but couldn’t procreate because of biological lag. They’d be happy as much as you are. He would be more than happy that he was given right of his own to live.

Why this innocent infant has to suffer out of his no mistakes. His only mistake was him being conceived in a wrong womb, for which he has no choice. It wouldn’t be his choice, if he has to make. It was an invisible karmic wind that has landed him into a wrong womb. That is the worst possible disaster, one cannot call for rescue. The only rescue is the human heart. Human heart is not heart, sometimes it is meant to hurt which is the case of Throwing Mothers.
Source: Google
Please would-be mothers, never find second womb in forests, jungles, drains, dustbins, safety tanks, riversides, caves and roads. You have to care your young ones as much as you were blessed with love bestowed by your mother. What is wrong in giving birth to a young one? Only difference is that he has no father, technically he has one. You are not the one example, the first one to do that. There are many who did it. There is nothing wrong in this. This isn’t sinful but killing him is sinful.

There is no solution in throwing?

Laws of land must see through. Kith and kin around must see through. Friends must see through. Everyone in her circle must see through and give rightful birth.

Never throw your own born. He is all of your blood and flesh. He would be more of you as he grows. He wouldn’t be dissenting that he is fatherless, he would be grateful that single parent had brought him up bravely. In him everything of you is golden at heart. So, never throw.

If you cannot grow him, at least do not kill him. Never Throw. Throwing isn’t a peaceful solution. Solution lies in your love to him.

PS: I have written this in the light of increasing child abortion and leaving (precisely dumping) infant in odd places for someone to take care or die.
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06 August, 2014

Of 100%

If you want to love;
Love all your heart,
No half-heartedness,
No wish for return,
Love in its purest,
You Love 100%.

If you like to offer;
Take no regret,
For it calls suffer,
Offer in its purest,
You offer 100%.

If you give helping hand;
Wrap not with expectations,
Put no gown of conditions,
Help in its purest,
You help 100%.
Source: Google
If you want to talk;
Put on all senses,
Look, listen and feel,
Talk in its purest,
You talk 100%.

If you want to read;
Read in, through, over and beyond,
Invite no distractions,
Call no interactions,
Read in its purest,
You read 100%.

Everything you do;
Do with everything of it,
Do everything in its purest,
You do everything 100%.

So friends; every time, everything 100%.
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