07 August, 2014

When Birth coincides Death

“If peace can only come through killing someone, then I don't want it.”-Hiro Mashima

Sorry for one, for whom birth coincided the death. Given to see a light for seconds, he is made to resign immediately, never to enjoy the real beauty again. Though he might have a lot to say, he is just born. Though he might’ve the heart to seek refuge in others, he is just born. Though he might’ve hopes to grow big in life, it is torn apart at root. Though he might’ve lots to give back tomorrow, he is stripped off to go on. Though he might have much to tell world tomorrow, he couldn’t past a day to convey. For him dead tomb was nearby his birth. Sorry for all he couldn’t despite lots in him, he has to face inhumanly treat right upon his birth.

Who has the grave heart to kill one’s own? She couldn’t be a mother. If she is, she could be a heartless bitch not a mother. How can she throw her infant otherwise? How can she do that, dreadful act? She is not a mother by this act.

How can she justify tossing her own like a by-product. Even animals don’t. Her act is the worst of all, not doing of animals. Animals could teach her books on love and care one’s offspring ought to get.

If she says he’s fatherless, too hard to take shame of it, why not give him a humanly decent birth. Confess to the world that you cannot carry shame along and want to dispose him off, not to the forests, jungles, drains, safety tanks and host of grossly places, but to someone who has heart to grow him big, who sees future in him, someone who sees human in him. He would be happy that he is not in the hand of monster. He is given right to live not in his own home but in better-than-own home of other. The human home in fact.

If she is not ready for motherhood and got him by accident, why kill him? Look for someone who is in need of one but couldn’t procreate because of biological lag. They’d be happy as much as you are. He would be more than happy that he was given right of his own to live.

Why this innocent infant has to suffer out of his no mistakes. His only mistake was him being conceived in a wrong womb, for which he has no choice. It wouldn’t be his choice, if he has to make. It was an invisible karmic wind that has landed him into a wrong womb. That is the worst possible disaster, one cannot call for rescue. The only rescue is the human heart. Human heart is not heart, sometimes it is meant to hurt which is the case of Throwing Mothers.
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Please would-be mothers, never find second womb in forests, jungles, drains, dustbins, safety tanks, riversides, caves and roads. You have to care your young ones as much as you were blessed with love bestowed by your mother. What is wrong in giving birth to a young one? Only difference is that he has no father, technically he has one. You are not the one example, the first one to do that. There are many who did it. There is nothing wrong in this. This isn’t sinful but killing him is sinful.

There is no solution in throwing?

Laws of land must see through. Kith and kin around must see through. Friends must see through. Everyone in her circle must see through and give rightful birth.

Never throw your own born. He is all of your blood and flesh. He would be more of you as he grows. He wouldn’t be dissenting that he is fatherless, he would be grateful that single parent had brought him up bravely. In him everything of you is golden at heart. So, never throw.

If you cannot grow him, at least do not kill him. Never Throw. Throwing isn’t a peaceful solution. Solution lies in your love to him.

PS: I have written this in the light of increasing child abortion and leaving (precisely dumping) infant in odd places for someone to take care or die.


  1. I wonder what kind of hearts must be in those mothers. Just like you said, if she cannot raise him well, why don't she give a rightful birth? Actually some human beings act beyond imaginable walls. Bhutanese too have some black spots like any other people. Why these littles have to face capital punishment just before even seeing the world?
    But unlike me, I am sure you might have not seen little fetus being thrown away. I have seen one near cantilever bridge of Thimphu vegetable market. I felt very very sorry him. He was thrown and made to decay with rubbish. May be there are many. We never know.
    How much pity it would be, we can't do anything. Let them do. We were taught that hands that borrowed must clear the debts. Sooner or later, the mother (killer actually) will be made to face the same fate.
    Anyway nice post brother. This really deserves our attentions. I wish as many Bhutanese as possible to read it.

  2. Bro, thanks for your visit and comment. It is hard to believe if she really has a heart. It is heart piercing to hear child being abandoned in forest. This isn't the way and no solution in it. For sure, she will face the consequences. Thanks and keep visiting.

  3. AS I already said, we are the last degenerated human being to occupy this planet during Buddha Shakyamuni's time, we are forced to witness and experience such kind of nightmares. This is one among hundreds hooked by media, in fact many underwent unnoticed.

  4. What is brought in by Media today goes missing tomorrow for such issues. Reports say search is on for finding mother and doesn't know what happens there on. And similar case is reported again another time. This has been a cyclic thing in here. Nothing has happened against or for. Thanks Norbu sir for the comment and your visit. Keep visiting. Thanks.

  5. True Sangay that is the beauty of being in the samsara, everything is in never ending cyclic-process.


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