06 August, 2014

Of 100%

If you want to love;
Love all your heart,
No half-heartedness,
No wish for return,
Love in its purest,
You Love 100%.

If you like to offer;
Take no regret,
For it calls suffer,
Offer in its purest,
You offer 100%.

If you give helping hand;
Wrap not with expectations,
Put no gown of conditions,
Help in its purest,
You help 100%.
Source: Google
If you want to talk;
Put on all senses,
Look, listen and feel,
Talk in its purest,
You talk 100%.

If you want to read;
Read in, through, over and beyond,
Invite no distractions,
Call no interactions,
Read in its purest,
You read 100%.

Everything you do;
Do with everything of it,
Do everything in its purest,
You do everything 100%.

So friends; every time, everything 100%.


  1. Lovely poem. I like your eloquence in there bro. BTW I think you need to realign the position of post thumbnail you have used there. Otherwise all are fine. Keep composing more and sharing with us.

  2. Thanks bro for the visit and importantly your comment. More, thanks for the observation. I will try fixing up the thumbnail position.

  3. It is difficult to be 100% sometimes, esp. when reading. But in loving, offering and helping others, I take myself to 100%, at least I consider.

  4. Sonam, you are doing much better, whereas I am doubtful 100% of myself in any. Thanks for the visit. Keep visiting.


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