About Myself

College friends know me as SP. High school friends call me Ahku, never ask why? Primary School friends and my village folks know me by Phuntsho. By citizenship, I am Sangay Phuntsho. Hope you haven’t started judging me nakedly truthful. I am not. I have just provided my names, real me is different.

Hailing from Phulabi, Bardo Gewog, Zhemgang. Completed upto twelveth standard in Zhemgang and graduated from Gaeddu College of Business Studies, Chukha. Today, I work as corporate employee.
This is me

I like reading but this wasn’t habit until completion of my undergraduate studies. I know it came late. It should have come much early, at preprimary level. I am hardly good at any sports but I make a good spectator.

This is in brief, Me. More, you could know as we go ahead.


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