28 July, 2014

Dear Rapist

Dear Rapist,

You are omnipresent; as cousin, in-law, step-father, uncle, friend, boyfriend and in worst case as father and brother.

Sometimes I feel my own home is not a safe place to live in. I am literally homeless, lesser fortunate than animals. Even animals have a safer home under their owners but I am not. I am disowned by everyone, like an abandoned one in another world. I have never had a twinge of thought that I am homeless. I thought I have everything that world has to offer. Today, I understood that all earthlings have turned against me. Everything I expected for is not mine. Simply, my world is far from my reach. It is adrift far, by ruthless, inhumane, self-centric, egoistic, hedonistic around me. It is undoing of human.

I am born to your daughter. I was happiest around to see myself equally fortunate to have a father. You haven’t turned away and gave my mother a fatherless child. I was as fortunate as any other daughter. I have received all of you as father. I thought I have everything the world has to provide but it was short lived, fleeting one for I was raised like a pig in sty to slaughter one day. Love and care has been stolen. I was literally slaughtered when my insane, shameless father has used me. I repent over and over, as daughter to such an animal. It is undoing of human.

Such a wonderful circle of brother, cousin, in-law and uncle I was in. I thought the circle I am was the best. Happiness within our circle was unmatched; it was a heaven on earth. Air that I breathe was all happiness. Every pat I got, with caressing kiss was laden with pervading love and care. But earth is also a hell. All those that I enjoyed was soon gone, the circle has disappeared when he (brother, cousin, in-law and uncle) has used me. I was thrown out of circle. It is undoing of human.

As a gregarious human, you and I got bonded as girlfriend and boyfriend. The kind of relationship that we had was exemplary. It was like Romeo and Juliet were reborn to continue their love. I never had a wink of regret over choosing you amongst many choices the world has to offer. I found much in you, incapable of many. But you proved it other way; to quench your insatiable pleasure you used me despite my reluctance, I was not ready for that. It is undoing of human.
I'm one of the victims

By the ill fate, my dad was long gone, I was just two. It was hard for single mother to bring me up. She cannot reach herself where necessary. She felt for better replacement. She had to find a second one. I was happy that he was really good man. I called him my dad, step-father though. He had shown me father in him. But that was his one face, he has another to show; he started using me. I never felt any bad to my mother for finding one. It is undoing of human.

I have the Mount Everest ambitions and hope to climb in life but I had been pulled down never to reach its nadir. Today, I am victimized; I have no dreams, it was shattered. I have no hopes, it was dashed. I have no ambitions, it was sky-high to reach. I have no trust, it was betrayed. I have none to lean my trust and confide, they have left me in lurch. Everyone was against me. I can only trust god and no one else. I only pray, let there be no hell on earth. Let other girls or women undergo such unbearable hardship out of inhumane acts. Let the world be a  peaceful home to live on. It is ok, I have lost my world today I attribute it to my previous karma.

If this is what world treats me with, I would rather choose to take live in hell than on earth. It’s fine there suffering, there are many undergoing the same. By the virtue of being Buddhist, it is intolerable of such act. Everyone is related one time or another in our previous generations.
If you cannot help, please never hurt. Love and only love can be peaceful panacea. Love and only love can reign. Please spread LOVE.

With much anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

M.Ph: Love
C/O Love,

P.S: Getting into shoe of rape victim isn’t easy, much more could be expressed than my words could suffice. Much is felt than I could put into words.

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23 July, 2014

Dream once Dream-able

I have no desire to live a life of luxury. It is beyond purse of mine. Owning a number of Prados or BMWs or Range Rovers and such glamorous cars could fit to categorize as seeking a luxury. An Alto or a Muruti 800 is a necessity at this time and age.

With all kinds of taxes levied in the name of reducing out flow of rupees and bringing back to shape an ailing economy, Alto is out of common man’s reach. The tax component of 55% (if imported from India) on naked price of Rs.3.5k (appx. Cost for Alto) is a wounding pinch to pocket like ours. The ultimate cost would reach a half million. This is over the limit of common people.

Completed my undergrad in mid-2012, and my biggest desire was to buy a marooned Alto. Should the ban get lifted, I thought my dream is no far. Waited for the present government to press a relief button on ban of vehicles as pledged during election campaign, but today it had literally pounded a thousand hammers on my dream-it had smashed and remnants of it could never integrate to form again at least within the tenure of the present government. It has given me a feeling of daylight robbery of a common man’s dream.

I understand the government’s concern of depleting rupee reserve, which would ultimately lead to adverse balance of payment. Absolutely I agree to it. But there were any substantial studies being done to study levels at which different activities and sectors had contributed to outflow of rupee earnings. A reason that many people knows that hydropower constructions contribute a major chunk of fuel import. Obviously government knew fuel import of Rs. 7 billion is done previous year. Out of it, Rs. 5 billion was for diesel import. There were need for some considerations and relaxations here rather than just blanket imposition of thick tax component. Taxes must be imposed but not to such extent the government skyrocketed. One could be suspicious of the move-politically.


One thing that government could have put a bit of relaxation to allow first time buyers tax-free purchase for small car, like Alto. This concern was raised but it fell on deaf ear. For a first timer, small car like Ato is a necessity and not luxury. This could have done lot of justice for many first time buyers. Undoubtedly this category of the people would be commoners, the ones who cannot afford to buy luxury.

Now decisions stand all-approved and there isn’t stepping back at least at this juncture. Many new model cars are ready to hit the road but my Alto car would still remain a dream once dreamt. I shall never dream hitherto until yet another time that I spot a window to see through my dream.
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21 July, 2014

Equitable Development to start happiness at home

Home is the root of everything-charity begins at home, happiness begins at home and list shall go on.

It is an aggregate of families that make up population of the nation and an aggregate of at-home happiness that make up Gross National Happiness (GNH). In my understanding, GNH could be called an Aggregate of At-Home Happiness (AAHH). In the absence of happiness at root, GNH can never be realizable object. If GNH is an end, building at-home happiness may be the only means.

Striking a balance between material wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing is the goal of GNH. That balance is indeed difficult equilibrium; when material wellbeing is tailgated by almost everyone than spiritual wellbeing. With the kind of speed at which we ride on wind of change and modernization, that equilibrium of ours remains dim and distant, blur in our eyes. Should we shoot at the target, the strong winds of change would veer it off. GNH could remain a concept for times to come and thereafter if the means of at-home happiness is not sought. Happiness of every home is prerequisite for GNH. By this token, patchy development can never lead to happiness. Rather, it serves means of unhappiness for others left unattended. By this same token, the development of country must be equitable. 

Social problems surrounding around urban areas are the price that nation pays for centralized and patchy development. Had the developmental activities been taken up at equanimity, the urban woes that we face today can never stumble our way.

Today, we see many villagers-literate and illiterate, educated and uneducated, qualified and unqualified migrating to urban areas with a bundle of hopes to find a better living and contribute to their families at home. These hopes in them deserves due respect but before they could walk on their hopes, the precious human lives are squandered away when meted out with lives of strays in urban areas. Keep aside fulfilling the good hopes of helping families, they end up grounding into urban pleasures of fights, drugs, lootings, vandalisms, burglaries, and so on. These are ways they dashed their hopes and more importantly the colossal hopes placed upon by parents. The huge loads of investments made in them through sweats and blisters by parents are disposed-off in a matter of seconds.  We might be able to bring these dashing hopeful youngsters back home, at their villages only if they’ve the platform to nurture their hopes and not giving it a premature death. The way is only through provision of equitable development. The development that is evenly spread which would blockade the village brain drain. This gives them window of opportunity to look through for building happiness at home and keep them distant from getting into urban world inflicted with social woes.

Thimphu:Hub of Bhutanese Hopes

Thimphu is the only place where youths see as better place to build on their hopes of searching better lives until meted out with dark side of it. They get entangled into net of urban problems after failing to nurture their budding hopes and dreams. This is sad on the part of development-Thimphu simply couldn’t cater to whole of nation’s search for happiness. So, why not give them the way to grow their hopes at home? Let them start their happiness at home. This is only possible with an equitable development, the development that places equal opportunities.

Khomshar: Beautiful devoid of equal development though
There are a whole lot of areas in eastern Districts starving for development. They cannot stand at a development height equaling with their counter parts of western and central Districts.  There is an urgent call for bringing up laid-back Districts like Zhemgang. Should one rate on the scale of basic amenities, the Dzongkhag doesn’t have a Transportation Bus for general public.  The one plying once, dropped on failure to get adequate passengers. The roads are not pliable most of the times. The bridges are taken away by the wrecked monsoon infesting worries to parents who send their children trudging those muddy meandering roads to schools.

Dakphel-Buli highway is long due for blacktopping. The road conditions have stuck to what it was a decade ago. This simply shows being neglected. It is a laid-back case, the sidelined one.
Here I have mentioned of Zhemgang, the land I am bred and brought up. Many eastern Districts share the same stories. This is where we cannot start happiness at home. I am working at Thimphu after studying thirteen years at Zhemgang and finally graduating from Gaeddu. This is not because I like Thimphu. It is simply because I don’t see Thimphu in Zhemgang. It is well spaced from development. Building hopes at home is hardly near in vicinity. So, is the case of start-kicking the happiness at home, otherwise many would love to be around their homeland.

Everyone wants to start happiness at home, so give the way for it. Equitable development, we usher you with a golden welcome mat, for this is the only way we can sow and nurture hopes on our own land.

PS: Just written to add to my blogging posts, randomly and disorganized. The facts might have been blown out. The case could be otherwise and not as reflected herein.
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17 July, 2014

When 2 is less than 1

Human by nature is gregarious. Life of solitude is an extreme case-only hermit and ascetics do that. They separate themselves from mundane human pleasures of the current life, in pursuit to attain real happiness. They repel their mind from the magnetic force of momentary happiness. This is high Buddhist way of life. We cannot fit into this life of theirs but living a simple Buddhist way, yes anyone can.

Pulled and dragged by the gravity of unconsciousness, we immerse ourselves into samsaric ocean of pleasures. We get into bonding as husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, and myriad of relationships. Relations always never last long, it succumbs to fatal fate of time, and relations falls like the autumn leaves. The evergreen relations are the rarest, with poisonous ego and anger ablaze. Love and only love can extinguish it. Nothing can supersede the love, the seed of all good. In relations, love takes a locus point. But both must have it. One way traffic can hardly survive it. Love would remain covered, if not searched with your body, speech and mind. There is a need for continuous interactions. All of hypotheses, assumptions and presumptions do any good to relations. These are to be dodged and abandoned from the vale of relations.
Source: Google

If relations doesn’t work, then 2 is less than 1, 3 is less than 1 and this shall remain true unless we anchor on the tenets of relations-love, understanding, forgiveness, continuous close interactions, truthfulness, faithfulness and spectrum of adjectives alike. So, never prove mathematicians wrong, that 2 is less than 1.

In the formulae of relations, never write ‘2 is less than 1”.  
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15 July, 2014

Man who engineered my Blog

The busiest has much time to give. But the laziest has a very little time for everything.

I had a nightmare-from my coming into blogging kingdom to designing it. I tried several times googling and customizing it but couldn’t mould it to shape I wanted.

“bro... ur blog needs better template... if u don't have, I will share one i have....plz send ur email id” reads the message on my Facebook.

Looked at the sender and it’s Sherab Tenzin, an active blogger I know, he is my school mate in Zhemgang. This came while I was googling up help for getting done my blog design like the ones I have seen of many bloggers. What a coincidence!

And I happily wrote,’ that would be nice. Tried googling, but couldn't fix it. mail it to sangayphuntsho@dhi.bt. It would be a favour bro, thought to contact u once on this. Looks like u knew i need ur favor on this”.

He did me a favor-personally took charge of the design. Further, he was kind enough accommodating any comments that I have on changes that I wanted-pages, menu, arrangements, title of the blog, etc. Did a great job and gave it a totally new look to my Blog, which earlier was in bad shape.

Mr. Sherab Tenzin, Corporate employee & Blogger

A man of his thoughts really deserves more than just thanksgiving. At this age of degeneration, one hardly cares about others but he fits well to label, ‘a man of principle’. I am not overstating the fact. To me, it remains indelible fact that he’s a mind to reach out for help, irrespective of how large or small it could be. And this, I feel is an essential attribute that everyone must buy. He owns it for sure.

With the new design that he generously provided, it has given me a lot of interest to frequent to my Blog and write better. Thanks Sherab. Your name shall be inscribed in mind for engineering my Blog.

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14 July, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup Champion is Crowned

Off the bed and it was quarter to ten in the morning. I overslept, 2014 FIFA World Cup Final at one in the morning had skidded me into a deep sleep. But my company provides for an hour flexitime. So, I was saved from my boss' reprimand. Further to my rescue, he is on annual leave and I'm fine going late provided backlogs on my desks are cleared.  This might have been the case for many  office-goer football lovers. In my case, this is the first world cup that I've watched most of the matches albeit skipping a few matches I felt worth giving enough sleep for myself. 

I was after Argentina despite knowing the great team in Germany. The greatest, the most celebrated footballer of the time, Lionel Messi had never failed me to support for him. I knew well in advance he could bag in Golden Ball Award for a man of his calibre only deserves it. He did his share of homework to have brought up his country to FIFA  world cup final after 1986. It was a long due for Argentina but more than Argentina, Germany deserved 2014 FIFA World Cup Champion, as they had been crowned. It was for Germany this time again, making a fourth time, equaling with Italy after Brazil in the World Cup Winner Tally since 1930.

Source: Google

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brasilia would be remembered for a loaded memories-  the worst defeat of Brazil, biting of Giorgio by Saurez,  tearing anus of Javier Masherano and host of others. The hopes of the better ones were dashed and countries least expected of,  did miracles. Along the journey of 2014 FIFA world cup, there had been a serious of twist and turns, tears of jubilation and defeat.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup 2014 was a great success. Everything went well despite resistance from general public against huge budget in hosting of 2014 FIFA World Cup. There had been a few glitches in the way-mainly injuries of players who couldn't make into field when needed the most, which is normally expected in every world cup.

2014 FIFA World Cup would have taken a different course, had it been not for the fracture of Neymar, the Brazilian Striker.  For a team, losing one could cost irrecoverably, like a missing link in a chain can never make a strong one.

Russia will be hosting 2018 FIFA World Cup, until then adieu 2014 FIFA World Cup.               
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09 July, 2014

All-weather friends...

There are a number of modules that I had learned in my four-year degree course, BBA. From microeconomics to macroeconomics, fundamental Business Mathematics to Statistics, Computer Information Systems(CIS) to Business Information Technology(BIT), and gamut of others. All of these sit faint and dim in memory. I can hardly recollect those intricate definitions, derivatives and theories once hard wired in my mind, not to say those learning meant nothing. However, over time the memory has failed to survive those essentials of learning.

Very vividly, crystal clearly I can narrate of the friends that I got bonded to, from very start of my college days. All of them come from same School;RHSS, Trashigang.  I come from ZHSS, Zhemgang, remember I had a nightmare of being only male student to have qualified for undergraduate programme in GCBS from Zhemgang, the day one is lucidly etched in my heart; all the new comers flocked in droves, signifying that they come from different schools but I am an odd man out, all alone by myself. But the subsequent days of mine got a new lease. This is attributed solely to my friends; Tara, Subji, Khotsa, Baekin and Tshampa. They’d painted my college days with ample colours. I had never felt that I am the only one from ZHSS. In fact, they had proved themselves the better replacement of ZHSS friends. If we had to go elsewhere, we went together, if we had enjoyed, we shared the joy amongst ourselves, if we had contested, we’re in same group.

Snap of visit to Doya, Samtse
All were not good of us, we had tussle amongst ourselves but it had been a rare scene. More importantly, our friendship had been tied around the pillars of UNDERSTANDING and FORGIVENESS. We had made every possible ways to forgive for any misunderstandings that had come in our ways. We had traded off blows as we treaded on but FORGIVENESS was an irreplaceable solution that every one of us implicitly agreed to. Formidable stand that all of us held was that we UNDERFSTAND ourselves as fallible human friends. For the sake of perpetuating our friendship, receiving a blow in any form from another friend was nothing more than a take-away good memory of college life. We’re good friends bonded with a silken knot of UNDERSTADING & FORGIVENESS. Buying these knots can be a solution to FOREVER FRIENDS.

Snap of visit to Doya, Samtse(at the extreme right is Mr. German, equally friend of mine

Today, we’re on different chairs, shouldering different responsibilities but Friendship that we share still transcends. It has past the tested time of distance between us. Silence means nothing to us; it implies one is busy. Understand & forgive, we are forever FRIENDS.

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03 July, 2014

Reading between the lines of laws

Not so long ago, since Bhutan embraced a Democratic form of government, there has been one thing, notable and worth brainstorming-different interpretations of the laws by the parties in the fray, immediately ensuing controversial decisions in the Assembly. Reading between lines to defend one's own stand, the opinions of the people were swayed between two. This gives one an impression that laws could be bent, stretched and twisted, of its flexibility of language for favoring one's decision, though it might have been flawed, unless  true interpretations were sought from the Supreme Court, apex interpreting body.

During the first democratically elected government, the opposition had a tussle over the ruling government on the case of misinterpretation of the constitution, which had reached to the Supreme Court for final interpretations. But a question looms, what if the decisions were taken not in the spirit of the law and goes on without seeking advice of the Supreme Court? It would be the subjects who has to brave the tremor of such decisions, obviously not the politicians. 

But the story hadn't stopped. Today, it's yet another narrative that would be scripted in the book of Bhutanese Democracy; Money Bill or Ordinary Bill? There appears a thick fog of misunderstanding, whether to declare Parliamentarians Entitlement Bill, a money bill or the latter despite the government claiming it's a money bill and decision already taken. Should it be a money bill, it has to be deliberated in a joint sitting, which was not the case. 

Source: Google

The political drama and conundrum surrounds around myriad interpretations one could make from a sentence. However, very interestingly, everyone in the Parliament shows a bubbling confidence while deliberating in the hall, never to have sought clarifications from the supreme court, formally or informally. The drama ensues, post deliberations and decisions. The case is not a surprise to Bhutanese. We have heard the first elected government being dragged to the court for the same reason. It validates a critique that the Bhutanese buy, 'we hardly learn lesson'. 

It has added to  the smoke and cloud further when NC decided to defer their pay revision until such measures stated in Pay Commission Report are implemented. It has raised a question, whether deferring pay revision approved by the National Assembly would mean bad precedence and hurts the spirit of the Constitution. The Opposition had also showed their interest in following the suit, provided this decision doesn't create a bad precedence  and contravenes any law, in the understanding of the government. They have called on government for the clarification. 

Such political dramas, confusions, clamors,etc. would continue if our politicians are not fed enough with insights into interpreting laws. They should be able to interpret the laws, as conceived. Also, there must be way through for the Speaker to seek an unbiased clarifications from the Supreme Court should there be any, during the process of deliberations, before the decisions are dubbed ILLEGAL. It is disheartening to see half-baked, haste decisions coming through. 

Irrespective of being in opposition or ruling government or National Council, all are called by a common name, Member of Parliament. This is striking, it gives a sense of oneness to act in the good spirit of nation rather than putting dividing lines among themselves as Government MPs, Opposition MPs and NC MPs.

There should be ways for us to close the chapter on Political Dramas. We cannot enjoy in the words of GNH surrounded with Political Dramas, it mirrors not really worth going-ahead of Politics.

Looking forward to see an end to rigging political dramas!

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