15 July, 2014

Man who engineered my Blog

The busiest has much time to give. But the laziest has a very little time for everything.

I had a nightmare-from my coming into blogging kingdom to designing it. I tried several times googling and customizing it but couldn’t mould it to shape I wanted.

“bro... ur blog needs better template... if u don't have, I will share one i have....plz send ur email id” reads the message on my Facebook.

Looked at the sender and it’s Sherab Tenzin, an active blogger I know, he is my school mate in Zhemgang. This came while I was googling up help for getting done my blog design like the ones I have seen of many bloggers. What a coincidence!

And I happily wrote,’ that would be nice. Tried googling, but couldn't fix it. mail it to sangayphuntsho@dhi.bt. It would be a favour bro, thought to contact u once on this. Looks like u knew i need ur favor on this”.

He did me a favor-personally took charge of the design. Further, he was kind enough accommodating any comments that I have on changes that I wanted-pages, menu, arrangements, title of the blog, etc. Did a great job and gave it a totally new look to my Blog, which earlier was in bad shape.

Mr. Sherab Tenzin, Corporate employee & Blogger

A man of his thoughts really deserves more than just thanksgiving. At this age of degeneration, one hardly cares about others but he fits well to label, ‘a man of principle’. I am not overstating the fact. To me, it remains indelible fact that he’s a mind to reach out for help, irrespective of how large or small it could be. And this, I feel is an essential attribute that everyone must buy. He owns it for sure.

With the new design that he generously provided, it has given me a lot of interest to frequent to my Blog and write better. Thanks Sherab. Your name shall be inscribed in mind for engineering my Blog.



  1. I have to thank you for rating me with all those adjectives. To be frank, they are beyond the league of my entitlement when compared with the work I have done for you. I just know you deserve something much better and I wonder whether I have helped adequately to justify all those. With this new design, I hope you'll not let your blog experience premature death. Sorry if I sound authoritative here..:D

  2. It is nice discovering here that you guys, as bloggers, support each other. Sangay, I hope you would keep on blogging hard and one day become an important person in blogging world.

  3. Sangay, it's nice to see you taking interest in blogging. Sure the new template which Sherab shared has given your blog a beautiful look. Keep posting. Good luck.

  4. Sherab, I assure you that I shall continue blogging though may not fit into popular circles. With the inspiration I picked from the wonderful Bhutanese bloggers,I shall never resort to stop, I may pause in between.

    Those adjectives doesn't suffice to describe how grateful I felt, though you might not accept on humble grounds. Riku & Tshewang, thanks for your good wishes. Hope to connect along and learn much more in blogging.


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