17 July, 2014

When 2 is less than 1

Human by nature is gregarious. Life of solitude is an extreme case-only hermit and ascetics do that. They separate themselves from mundane human pleasures of the current life, in pursuit to attain real happiness. They repel their mind from the magnetic force of momentary happiness. This is high Buddhist way of life. We cannot fit into this life of theirs but living a simple Buddhist way, yes anyone can.

Pulled and dragged by the gravity of unconsciousness, we immerse ourselves into samsaric ocean of pleasures. We get into bonding as husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, and myriad of relationships. Relations always never last long, it succumbs to fatal fate of time, and relations falls like the autumn leaves. The evergreen relations are the rarest, with poisonous ego and anger ablaze. Love and only love can extinguish it. Nothing can supersede the love, the seed of all good. In relations, love takes a locus point. But both must have it. One way traffic can hardly survive it. Love would remain covered, if not searched with your body, speech and mind. There is a need for continuous interactions. All of hypotheses, assumptions and presumptions do any good to relations. These are to be dodged and abandoned from the vale of relations.
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If relations doesn’t work, then 2 is less than 1, 3 is less than 1 and this shall remain true unless we anchor on the tenets of relations-love, understanding, forgiveness, continuous close interactions, truthfulness, faithfulness and spectrum of adjectives alike. So, never prove mathematicians wrong, that 2 is less than 1.

In the formulae of relations, never write ‘2 is less than 1”.  


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