23 July, 2014

Dream once Dream-able

I have no desire to live a life of luxury. It is beyond purse of mine. Owning a number of Prados or BMWs or Range Rovers and such glamorous cars could fit to categorize as seeking a luxury. An Alto or a Muruti 800 is a necessity at this time and age.

With all kinds of taxes levied in the name of reducing out flow of rupees and bringing back to shape an ailing economy, Alto is out of common man’s reach. The tax component of 55% (if imported from India) on naked price of Rs.3.5k (appx. Cost for Alto) is a wounding pinch to pocket like ours. The ultimate cost would reach a half million. This is over the limit of common people.

Completed my undergrad in mid-2012, and my biggest desire was to buy a marooned Alto. Should the ban get lifted, I thought my dream is no far. Waited for the present government to press a relief button on ban of vehicles as pledged during election campaign, but today it had literally pounded a thousand hammers on my dream-it had smashed and remnants of it could never integrate to form again at least within the tenure of the present government. It has given me a feeling of daylight robbery of a common man’s dream.

I understand the government’s concern of depleting rupee reserve, which would ultimately lead to adverse balance of payment. Absolutely I agree to it. But there were any substantial studies being done to study levels at which different activities and sectors had contributed to outflow of rupee earnings. A reason that many people knows that hydropower constructions contribute a major chunk of fuel import. Obviously government knew fuel import of Rs. 7 billion is done previous year. Out of it, Rs. 5 billion was for diesel import. There were need for some considerations and relaxations here rather than just blanket imposition of thick tax component. Taxes must be imposed but not to such extent the government skyrocketed. One could be suspicious of the move-politically.


One thing that government could have put a bit of relaxation to allow first time buyers tax-free purchase for small car, like Alto. This concern was raised but it fell on deaf ear. For a first timer, small car like Ato is a necessity and not luxury. This could have done lot of justice for many first time buyers. Undoubtedly this category of the people would be commoners, the ones who cannot afford to buy luxury.

Now decisions stand all-approved and there isn’t stepping back at least at this juncture. Many new model cars are ready to hit the road but my Alto car would still remain a dream once dreamt. I shall never dream hitherto until yet another time that I spot a window to see through my dream.

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  1. I too have a dream like that. But with so many stiff strategies and policies implemented by government, I am worried that I will have to carry this as just a dream until I enter my grave. I can't think of even owning near-to-scraping old car.


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