14 July, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup Champion is Crowned

Off the bed and it was quarter to ten in the morning. I overslept, 2014 FIFA World Cup Final at one in the morning had skidded me into a deep sleep. But my company provides for an hour flexitime. So, I was saved from my boss' reprimand. Further to my rescue, he is on annual leave and I'm fine going late provided backlogs on my desks are cleared.  This might have been the case for many  office-goer football lovers. In my case, this is the first world cup that I've watched most of the matches albeit skipping a few matches I felt worth giving enough sleep for myself. 

I was after Argentina despite knowing the great team in Germany. The greatest, the most celebrated footballer of the time, Lionel Messi had never failed me to support for him. I knew well in advance he could bag in Golden Ball Award for a man of his calibre only deserves it. He did his share of homework to have brought up his country to FIFA  world cup final after 1986. It was a long due for Argentina but more than Argentina, Germany deserved 2014 FIFA World Cup Champion, as they had been crowned. It was for Germany this time again, making a fourth time, equaling with Italy after Brazil in the World Cup Winner Tally since 1930.

Source: Google

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brasilia would be remembered for a loaded memories-  the worst defeat of Brazil, biting of Giorgio by Saurez,  tearing anus of Javier Masherano and host of others. The hopes of the better ones were dashed and countries least expected of,  did miracles. Along the journey of 2014 FIFA world cup, there had been a serious of twist and turns, tears of jubilation and defeat.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup 2014 was a great success. Everything went well despite resistance from general public against huge budget in hosting of 2014 FIFA World Cup. There had been a few glitches in the way-mainly injuries of players who couldn't make into field when needed the most, which is normally expected in every world cup.

2014 FIFA World Cup would have taken a different course, had it been not for the fracture of Neymar, the Brazilian Striker.  For a team, losing one could cost irrecoverably, like a missing link in a chain can never make a strong one.

Russia will be hosting 2018 FIFA World Cup, until then adieu 2014 FIFA World Cup.               


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