09 July, 2014

All-weather friends...

There are a number of modules that I had learned in my four-year degree course, BBA. From microeconomics to macroeconomics, fundamental Business Mathematics to Statistics, Computer Information Systems(CIS) to Business Information Technology(BIT), and gamut of others. All of these sit faint and dim in memory. I can hardly recollect those intricate definitions, derivatives and theories once hard wired in my mind, not to say those learning meant nothing. However, over time the memory has failed to survive those essentials of learning.

Very vividly, crystal clearly I can narrate of the friends that I got bonded to, from very start of my college days. All of them come from same School;RHSS, Trashigang.  I come from ZHSS, Zhemgang, remember I had a nightmare of being only male student to have qualified for undergraduate programme in GCBS from Zhemgang, the day one is lucidly etched in my heart; all the new comers flocked in droves, signifying that they come from different schools but I am an odd man out, all alone by myself. But the subsequent days of mine got a new lease. This is attributed solely to my friends; Tara, Subji, Khotsa, Baekin and Tshampa. They’d painted my college days with ample colours. I had never felt that I am the only one from ZHSS. In fact, they had proved themselves the better replacement of ZHSS friends. If we had to go elsewhere, we went together, if we had enjoyed, we shared the joy amongst ourselves, if we had contested, we’re in same group.

Snap of visit to Doya, Samtse
All were not good of us, we had tussle amongst ourselves but it had been a rare scene. More importantly, our friendship had been tied around the pillars of UNDERSTANDING and FORGIVENESS. We had made every possible ways to forgive for any misunderstandings that had come in our ways. We had traded off blows as we treaded on but FORGIVENESS was an irreplaceable solution that every one of us implicitly agreed to. Formidable stand that all of us held was that we UNDERFSTAND ourselves as fallible human friends. For the sake of perpetuating our friendship, receiving a blow in any form from another friend was nothing more than a take-away good memory of college life. We’re good friends bonded with a silken knot of UNDERSTADING & FORGIVENESS. Buying these knots can be a solution to FOREVER FRIENDS.

Snap of visit to Doya, Samtse(at the extreme right is Mr. German, equally friend of mine

Today, we’re on different chairs, shouldering different responsibilities but Friendship that we share still transcends. It has past the tested time of distance between us. Silence means nothing to us; it implies one is busy. Understand & forgive, we are forever FRIENDS.


  1. Such a bundle of good friends you came across bro. I was reminded of my circles back at college days. Keep blogging bro. BTW can you remove that word verification thing? It makes commenting little bit cumbersome. Hope you won't mind for that!

  2. Thanks bro. Your suggestion taken care, probably I am not aware of that being myself very new into blogging. I'll fix it.

  3. Welcome to the world of Blogging~

  4. Thanks Sangay. You're first one to do so.


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