21 July, 2014

Equitable Development to start happiness at home

Home is the root of everything-charity begins at home, happiness begins at home and list shall go on.

It is an aggregate of families that make up population of the nation and an aggregate of at-home happiness that make up Gross National Happiness (GNH). In my understanding, GNH could be called an Aggregate of At-Home Happiness (AAHH). In the absence of happiness at root, GNH can never be realizable object. If GNH is an end, building at-home happiness may be the only means.

Striking a balance between material wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing is the goal of GNH. That balance is indeed difficult equilibrium; when material wellbeing is tailgated by almost everyone than spiritual wellbeing. With the kind of speed at which we ride on wind of change and modernization, that equilibrium of ours remains dim and distant, blur in our eyes. Should we shoot at the target, the strong winds of change would veer it off. GNH could remain a concept for times to come and thereafter if the means of at-home happiness is not sought. Happiness of every home is prerequisite for GNH. By this token, patchy development can never lead to happiness. Rather, it serves means of unhappiness for others left unattended. By this same token, the development of country must be equitable. 

Social problems surrounding around urban areas are the price that nation pays for centralized and patchy development. Had the developmental activities been taken up at equanimity, the urban woes that we face today can never stumble our way.

Today, we see many villagers-literate and illiterate, educated and uneducated, qualified and unqualified migrating to urban areas with a bundle of hopes to find a better living and contribute to their families at home. These hopes in them deserves due respect but before they could walk on their hopes, the precious human lives are squandered away when meted out with lives of strays in urban areas. Keep aside fulfilling the good hopes of helping families, they end up grounding into urban pleasures of fights, drugs, lootings, vandalisms, burglaries, and so on. These are ways they dashed their hopes and more importantly the colossal hopes placed upon by parents. The huge loads of investments made in them through sweats and blisters by parents are disposed-off in a matter of seconds.  We might be able to bring these dashing hopeful youngsters back home, at their villages only if they’ve the platform to nurture their hopes and not giving it a premature death. The way is only through provision of equitable development. The development that is evenly spread which would blockade the village brain drain. This gives them window of opportunity to look through for building happiness at home and keep them distant from getting into urban world inflicted with social woes.

Thimphu:Hub of Bhutanese Hopes

Thimphu is the only place where youths see as better place to build on their hopes of searching better lives until meted out with dark side of it. They get entangled into net of urban problems after failing to nurture their budding hopes and dreams. This is sad on the part of development-Thimphu simply couldn’t cater to whole of nation’s search for happiness. So, why not give them the way to grow their hopes at home? Let them start their happiness at home. This is only possible with an equitable development, the development that places equal opportunities.

Khomshar: Beautiful devoid of equal development though
There are a whole lot of areas in eastern Districts starving for development. They cannot stand at a development height equaling with their counter parts of western and central Districts.  There is an urgent call for bringing up laid-back Districts like Zhemgang. Should one rate on the scale of basic amenities, the Dzongkhag doesn’t have a Transportation Bus for general public.  The one plying once, dropped on failure to get adequate passengers. The roads are not pliable most of the times. The bridges are taken away by the wrecked monsoon infesting worries to parents who send their children trudging those muddy meandering roads to schools.

Dakphel-Buli highway is long due for blacktopping. The road conditions have stuck to what it was a decade ago. This simply shows being neglected. It is a laid-back case, the sidelined one.
Here I have mentioned of Zhemgang, the land I am bred and brought up. Many eastern Districts share the same stories. This is where we cannot start happiness at home. I am working at Thimphu after studying thirteen years at Zhemgang and finally graduating from Gaeddu. This is not because I like Thimphu. It is simply because I don’t see Thimphu in Zhemgang. It is well spaced from development. Building hopes at home is hardly near in vicinity. So, is the case of start-kicking the happiness at home, otherwise many would love to be around their homeland.

Everyone wants to start happiness at home, so give the way for it. Equitable development, we usher you with a golden welcome mat, for this is the only way we can sow and nurture hopes on our own land.

PS: Just written to add to my blogging posts, randomly and disorganized. The facts might have been blown out. The case could be otherwise and not as reflected herein.


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