30 June, 2013

Reminiscing the bygones


Thinking that he should grow,
She dragged him to the School
Ignorant of the importance,
He showed utmost reluctance,
To squander away a year off

Thinking that he should grow,
She pulled her guts to push him again
Devised myriad tact for only his gain:
Dragging a kid of his age [of her neighbor],
Only to befriend her son away from home,
Who led her son embark a wrong plane

Thinking that he should grow,
She takes him away from his mate,
Remote that they couldn’t meet,
For their bond could toss away,
An eye wink life, too precious to do that way

Thinking that he should grow,
She tells him to stand tall,
For he needs to face the world call
Now he is too grown to tell her nay,
He seasons all, on his ways,
To stand tall for new days

Thinking that he should grow,
He preps for world anew
Swayed by his friends,
He finds no place affixed
World around is all adrift,
Pushed back-and-forth by windy cranes,
The good and bad cranes of the days

Thinking that he should grow,
He withstands the roaring winds,
Those that came trailing behind,
With black-n-white hints
And he had transcended all,
To find himself stand tall

Thinking that he should grow,
He keeps himself upbeat,
Unmoved by daily bustles,
Unworn by daily hassles
All time his head high,
Breathing in the air of sigh

He stands tall, grew up with odds,
With the pervading oaths,
Of his only mother,
Taking him all along,
With her formidable wish to make him grow

Today he is grown,
B’cause of her wish,For so long she cherish
He finds himself privileged, 
To provide her the best,
On all his odds,
Just to stoop with THANKS,
A word that should prick him,
Formidable like her wish to grow

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01 June, 2013

My first date with Blogging Kingdom

I have visited the pages of talented bevy of Bhutanese bloggers. Their blogging have pricked me several times each time I dip my eyes through those well-penned thoughts of bloggers. Sometimes I thought they were born-bloggers and many occasions I concluded their interest to blog had made them so. Every time I visit, I assure I go through atleast one article that is catchy and finally I used to think, they are gifted and I am not. So, I can't follow the footsteps of the bloggers. These are thoughts that went inside me, few years before. I have to admit that I never gave single attempt to blog, because I knew my writings could take me nowhere. I am for sure that people won't like my writing style, which would squander their valuable time and may take them to sleep depriving them of a good treat from popular bloggers.

Quite sometime, after telling myself the aforementioned thoughts, the inner voice in me patted me to give a try. There is no harm in giving a try. Because you decide to fail even before trying. So, started thinking on how I should go about creating a blog page. It drive me nuts out. I googled "how to create blog page". It listed myriad link options against my search strings. I couldn't succeed to make one. I thought of shooting a mail to bloggers I know and advise me on this but inside of me intuited me not to do (as I may not blog well). I didn't mail them.

So, today I got it. I have created one and I shall hereon start blogging all those crude thoughts of mine. I must blatantly admit that my writings could take readers to a wasteful nap as I am not a seasoned blogger. However, I am fueled by my unquenchable thirst for blogging.

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