01 June, 2013

My first date with Blogging Kingdom

I have visited the pages of talented bevy of Bhutanese bloggers. Their blogging have pricked me several times each time I dip my eyes through those well-penned thoughts of bloggers. Sometimes I thought they were born-bloggers and many occasions I concluded their interest to blog had made them so. Every time I visit, I assure I go through atleast one article that is catchy and finally I used to think, they are gifted and I am not. So, I can't follow the footsteps of the bloggers. These are thoughts that went inside me, few years before. I have to admit that I never gave single attempt to blog, because I knew my writings could take me nowhere. I am for sure that people won't like my writing style, which would squander their valuable time and may take them to sleep depriving them of a good treat from popular bloggers.

Quite sometime, after telling myself the aforementioned thoughts, the inner voice in me patted me to give a try. There is no harm in giving a try. Because you decide to fail even before trying. So, started thinking on how I should go about creating a blog page. It drive me nuts out. I googled "how to create blog page". It listed myriad link options against my search strings. I couldn't succeed to make one. I thought of shooting a mail to bloggers I know and advise me on this but inside of me intuited me not to do (as I may not blog well). I didn't mail them.

So, today I got it. I have created one and I shall hereon start blogging all those crude thoughts of mine. I must blatantly admit that my writings could take readers to a wasteful nap as I am not a seasoned blogger. However, I am fueled by my unquenchable thirst for blogging.


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