08 August, 2014

Losing eyes; the windows of the world

Windows through which I see the beauty of world is deteriorating slowly. Within a speck of barely two years into job, I can make it clearly. It’s losing its reach. I have considered myself with the best eyesight, not to have use enhancing glass, specs.  I had a clear vision of fairly far-off objects then. Now the same distanced object would appear blur to my eye. It’s on fall. This I assume may be the case for many office goers, especially who find themselves glued on the computer screen; officially or to kill off time. This is coupled up by TV at home; watching interesting movies, series, news and talk shows. Our eyes aren’t able to take all of these so often. This, it has already signaled though physically it is in form.  

I cannot afford to lose precious part of my world. It is priceless. What I get for my job cannot buy it either. Its value would be immeasurably high that salary of mine can replace. I cannot imagine entering into darkness after having seen beauty it mirrors. The world would be hard for me. I have been accustomed with this world through these two wonderful windows.

It is irrational for anyone to lose one’s eyesight for exchange of performing official duties. I shouldn’t overburden my eyes. The normal routine work would flow on, same way my eyes ain’t capable. Intermission is required. Pause is required. Break is required. Suspension for a while is required. These are the ways we treat our eyes. Our eyes ought to get treated every time we stretch on for few hours. It has to be paid in return. We cannot afford to overuse it. 

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I have seen many friends who have started wearing glasses. They had good eyesight before. No unusual things did damage to it. It was  attributed to normal routine job that everyone of us do; office works, social networking, watching TV, playing computer games, playing with mobile phones, etc. I didn’t include reading in the list as it would account to very few.

We cannot insert full-stop on aforementioned causes, it has to go on. Our everyday homework must be to find out equilibrium of it. There is a need for setting a point of equilibrium, between work and rest. As much as work is important, our eyes are more important. The right balance is required. Every individual needs to find their own equilibrium. Equilibrium of me cannot be equilibrium for others. So set your own equilibrium; see how much your eyes can take.

Friends, think over this if you haven’t realized it. It is not too late. For me I have seen it declining. If I am to put on graph, it would be steep downward curve. This isn’t right time for my age to suffer Presbyopia. It is too early for that.

I shouldn't damage my eyes for helping Optical Business.


  1. I have been going through same problem for past few years due to negligence and now my eyes is deteriorated to the extend that I cannot see the things on the board from first bench. It will be a great loss to lose such a beautiful and precious gift of life, take extra good care of you eyes and I will do same.Nice post :D

  2. Thanks for your the comments and visit. Sorry to know that you are facing eyesight problem. You ought to be taking better care of it now. Keep visiting.


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