12 August, 2014

Judging from external appearance isn’t right judgment

When we see artists; lead actors and actresses, comedians and any other popular mega figures, we generally assume that they’re enjoying life at its height. We presume they’re the happiest around, surrounded by cameras and lights. Their lives are glamorous, always put on pedestal by huge number of fans yearning to watch them. But this doesn't hold true many a times.
Actor Robin Williams, the great comedian was found dead at his home. It was suspected that he committed suicide. It was reported that he might have been undergoing silent battle of depression within though he might have acted externally happy as comedian. He made others laugh but internally he might have been bleeding profusely.

 Even comedian is not happy as much as he appears. He wasn't enjoying the jokes as much as his fans did. Finally, he had decided to kill himself, incapable of crossing insurmountable state of mind he had been struggling through. It would be deadening shocks for many fans to hear of his demise, a person who had projected himself happy and who had been spreading happiness to others with his laudable comedies.
Late Actor Robin Williams. Source: Google. RIP

It was reported that someone had even gone to an extent of accusing that his passing was selfish act. This is morally wrong to say. He would have done his best to keep going until no longer he could carry the load of depression. A state of mind is something that goes beyond ordinary thinking. By sheer appearances one cannot make out his true state of mind. Inside, the bitter part dwells unexposed and covered by the external realities. Our judgment is purely external. Inside is something that no magnifying glass could make it visible to human eyes. Sometimes it is even difficult for heart to feel it.

Our hypothetical thought that people who are on limelight, life encircled by cameras and lights, richness in billions, are happy aren't true as we see many tragic stories of popular figures unroll on our way.

Atsara (clown) isn't happy inside as much as he is represented by mask.

PS: Written to convey my feeling that even comedians, as happy they appear aren't really happy. We don’t see inside part by looking from outside. 


  1. R.I.P. Robbin Williams. True, Sangay. Atsara is rarely as happy as is shown by his mask. It is the mask that conceals their inner turmoil and same could be of the late comedian too - his role could have been masking his depressed mind till then. So, it isn't right to judge externally; we can be wrong.

  2. Definitely. It's just like don't judge the book from its cover. So sad to hear the news :(

  3. Sonam sir, thanks for your comment. Behind the mask, we don't really see through. Rima madam, thanks for your visit and yes it is sad news and a huge loss. Keep visiting.

  4. In fact its really a sad story to narrate with all happenings...so it happened to him with all of his birth facts called Karma...So sad to c him on news line...Good write up

  5. Sancha sir, thanks for the visit and leaving comment. It's heartbreaking news for fans across the globe. Keep visiting.

  6. Nobody knows the inner battles of others.

  7. Sherry Ellis, that is true. Inner battles goes unseen. Thanks for the comment. Keep visiting


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