03 December, 2014

Eavesdropping along the corridors of JDWNRH

Are you leaving?” ,  says a patient attendant. “Yes, she is discharged” , comes a reply from a smile-lit face of the other attendant. 

Next comes a heart-wrenching, heavy and hefty request for the one leaving, “Please pray for the swift recovery of my patient."

These are the talks that one could hear along the corridors of JDWNRH.  As I reflect on that simple, short, moving talk, my heart became swollen and heavy. I could feel the pain albeit helpless I walk along the corridors. It’s just a touching flight of sentiments I could hear. It’s deep and wounding. One would better know when you see pain-driven patients in multi-categorized wards of JDWNRH. The new are born and there are equaling numbers succumbing to the ailments. Witnessing those uncertain life realities is just abhorrent. In the drama of life, we are actually witnessing Heal and Heaven LIVE right under our eyes.
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People from all walks of life are brought together by the sicknesses in themselves or with relatives at hospital, know each other by chance and cruelty of time parts away at a flight of an eye wink. This is a day in and day out at JDWNRH or any hospitals.

Of all, as I overhear those talks, the heavy, emotion-laden request,  “Please pray for swift recovery of my patient” , was heart-piercing. It’s sentimental.

Want to see and understand how people suffer of sicknesses? Our Regional Hospital, JDWNRH is a Store House.  


  1. Sad indeed, but life is like this Sangay sir. It is truly ephemeral life. Come and go...

  2. That is how natures plays an inevitable role in balancing the ecosystem of this planet.

  3. Life's always ups and downs and the God's honest truth is, it is the nature of our life. Presuming all is well brother with sound in health. Do great. Regards from me. Take Care.

  4. You have such a kind heart, Sangay! It is always wrenching to see people go through the heartache of watching someone suffering or of losing someone they love. Your life can change in a heartbeat. All I know is to make the most of each day and spend time with those you love. I enjoyed your post on 4th Drukgyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuk. I remember when he became king of Butan ~ the youngest king in the world. I don't know as much as I should about Butan which is why I enjoy seeing it through your eyes. Your abdicated king did a lot for his country. Have a great week, Sangay!

  5. Hi Sangay,

    I have nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award. Please go to my blog to find out more. Keep writing! :-)



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