28 October, 2014

Bhutanese Cuisine

I can feel every taste-bud of my tongue yearning for a Bhutanese Cuisine. Right after I landed to Bangkok, I could feel reluctance of my tongue for non-Bhutanese foods. What could be special dish for Thais went into dustbin when it was on my plate. It’s really difficult for my tongue to accept those foreign meals. My eyes could feast upon skycrappers and crowd around but I could feel my stomach grumbling for Bhutanese food. But no way could I find one around. I felt the same when I visited to Kolkata the previous year.
Bhutanese Beef Chilli
At Shah Ahlam, Selangor, in Malaysia where I came for a short training, it seems fairly better off than Bangkok. Here, because Indian and Chinese makes a certain proportion of Malaysian populace, has imported spicy meals into the country. But there are a few of it. At least grumbling of my stomach could be suppressed.  
Malaysian Nasi Lemak
Many people adapt fairly well with any meals but in my case it’s really typical one. In a sight, I can make a taste whether it would abode well with my tongue or not. Keep aside giving a try I prefer looking for one that gives a better appearance to eye of tongue. I could see how choosy I’m. If at all it’s possible for implantation of taste buds, I would happily do it. So, that my tongue can accept anything that world has to offer.
Thai Beef Ball
I was dumbfounded that taste of water here is different than Bhutanese one. Ours it is superior in lot of ways, at least my tongue feels this way in ways. 


  1. Courage, Sangay. You will adapt!

  2. Our taste is from nature with no artificial taste being added. That is the true jam of Bhutanese dish. Sangay sir you have empirically tested the difference. All the best with Sangay Sir.

  3. Sangay you're feeling exactly what I have felt when I was in foreign land. But I think it will take only few days, if you're quick in adapting, to like those foreign land foods. But since your stay there is only for few days, you have to give a try and so to add experiences in your life. So enjoy your stay there bro. Take care!

  4. upset but new things you have experienced la...nice

  5. I wish I could send you some of my tastebuds, Sangay! I love tasting food from all around the world. I've never had food from Bhutan! That beef chip looked good. I wish you had posted a recipe to go with it, because then I could try cooking it. It is quite amazing how water can taste in different places. When I'm abroad I stick to bottled water though. I don't want to pick up unfamiliar bugs that my insides might not like! If you're still traveling, I hope the food starts tasting better!

  6. Nothing last forever. So, missing "amadatse" or Bhutanese Cuisine will wind up soon as you go on staying and tasting their food. Enjoy your life in new atmosphere Sangay sir.

  7. Our taste buds are very adaptable!! Eating new food in new places is rather exciting!!


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