07 October, 2014

Running round the clock

Eve of Blessed Rainy Day,
I pushed my last post.
Since then I took a lengthy pause,
With the blessings of Blessed Rainy Day.

There has been traffic of works,
That was trivial but urgent.
Also there has been series of calls,
These had my time in a stall.

I could neither compose,
Nor walk along all of blogger reads.
It was time I got self-imposed,
To have missed many blogger treats.

Days were just crammed,
Compartmentalized and jammed.
I could find no passage,
As aisle of Blogosphere is clogged.
Source: Google

Thus, I am into hibernation,
Through the days of self-imposition.
Sooner I shall wake up,
And walk along with my dear Bloggers.

My hopes are high,
To glide and fly,
Days, weeks, months and years,
Through the path of Bloggers.

Until next time I write,
Unwinding my time,
I am pushing my wishes,

To all my Blog friends.


  1. True brother, sometimes we get so busy that we don't get enough time to do everything. And thank you for taking your time to convey the message through your beautifully composed poem. Hope everything is going well everyday. Take Care. :)

    1. Thanks Ugyen, everything is fine, just that I got into traffic of my works around this time.

  2. As you said Sangay sir, just complete your task first because it may have adverse affect in your life. Blogging and reading your friend's blog post comes in second. All the best in contemplating your assigned task.

    1. Norbu sir, you're right and thanks for visiting.

  3. My dear fellow, take care of all more urgent needs. I am retired and can wait, will wait and --when it is convenient to you-- welcome the pleasure of your renewed online company.

    1. Thanks Geo, people say the busiest has time for everything but I don't fit into this category either.

  4. Sangay sir... hope the work is going well with all the energy la. Its good to hear all the things are on track although you couldn't post la...thanks

    1. Sancha sir, thanks for dropping by. Everything is just well but quite busy on some calls.


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