09 October, 2014

When taxes are looked as only internal source of revenue

Many Bhutanese are having hard time wrestling with a record number of taxes being imposed, from vehicles to fuels to telecommunication services. There is only one reason behind; to curtail outflow of Indian Rupees which had our economy pushed into ailing stage. The government of the day had this reason gilded in their minds even for imposing 5% tax on telecommunication services. And this is ludicrous. I cannot sketch zigzag lines to draw a link, keep aside the possibility of drawing straight lines to link how calling through mobile phones would contribute to outflow of rupees after all we recharge in Bhutanese currency and money we consume is in Bhutanese currency irrespective of the destination countries. I don’t find it radical and justified measure in none of n-ways.
I had my mobile e-loaded on 1st of October for Nu. 50 through my B-Wallet, and following message is what I got;
“Your account has been recharged successfully with Nu. 50, talk time received is 47.5. The recharge amount is arrived based upon 5% Tax charged against Nu. 50.”
This message is irritating at mind, deceitful in action and ear-drum disturbing. If it is at all a witty cheat, I would prefer not receiving this message. Every time you recharge and this disturbing message pops up. I think everyone would prefer going unnoticed than painstaking brunt one needs to bear.
Carrying heavy taxes is wallet-tearing, Source: Google
By token of this post, I am sure that I’m not being projected stingy, unpatriotic and disloyal to my country. I feel there many noble ways of being generous, patriotic and loyal to our own country than by dragging to contribute in this way. The telecommunication services are already costly and taking away 5% could mean adding to it further. Also, this could have adverse impact on service providers. Instead of prosperity, these businesses might take a recession. Through the lens of business perspective too, I cannot see any white spot. Through the prism of curtailing rupee outflow, I couldn’t see any rays being reflected. I find it ridiculous.

What next? This is the question that is impendingly high at the doorstep of citizen’s mind. 


  1. I also had this feeling. Our government is becoming more shrewd in catching fish from people's fishing net when people are already having a tough time even getting enough for themselves from the water. I also feel people's intelligences are getting undermined. And there is a rumor that next move of our govenment is imposing property taxes based on number of properties one hold at home (our TV, Shoe Racks, rice cookers etc....gonna get taxed). This government's reign will be a TAXING REIGN. Really.

  2. It may come true. It's likely, with the impression they've set. Thanks.

  3. I was also appalled by this news one day as I went through online news. I think this reigning government is planning to put people's wealth into nation's income. Instead of serving the people they are just troublemakers of the people..They are trying to suck the people's bloods...Its more likely that one day they will make our people poor...

  4. Sangay Sir, though I am not an economist I am really confused with our unstable economy. No matter what type of Government we elect, our economy remain just unimproved and unchanged. Well with respect to cellular taxation, the GOV has implemented with correct parliament procedures as enshrined in our constitution and obviously we must respect the decision made by our respective representatives. And if I were to pour layman's thought, everything is fine with taxation, yet in times to come, it is the fundamental duty of every citizen to question our GOv with regard to investment of budget generated from the cellular tax. At the end of the day, if our GOV failed to prove that the budget was not invested in the interest of general public, we must raise our voice and even we have right to dismantle GOV of the day. let us Waite and see.

  5. This is one of the sadist times the Bhutanese people are undergoing now a days. Living in Bhutan is more expensive than living in USA with Bhutanese currency. Taxes in Bhutan is beyond compare to all any despite all the economy background. Anyway good reading and nicest analysis la...thanks

  6. Gross National Happiness (GNH) ?
    They (PDP) say GNH based society but I can't understand weather we will called GNH based society when majority of people are unhappy for most of the decision they (PDP) make. Everybody know where Bhutan reach in terms of economy. I don't think Bhutanese people are that much materialistic to pay tax for every thing they consumed. Tax for telecommunication would indicate the discrimination among poor and rich.

  7. Hi Sangay! I realized I hadn't read your blog in the past couple of weeks ~ Not since Blessed Rainy Day. I hope that you had a wonderful time with your family. First I read your "Running Round the Clock poem. I could so relate to the time crunch that you have been experiencing. And I loved the graphic of running over the clocks. I slid the image unto my desktop, because it reminds me so much of how I feel most days. Your tax post was fascinating to read, also the comments of your blogging friends.Their frustration with their economy comes through loud and clear. What next, indeed. I think many people around the world are asking that question as they look at what is going on in their countries. I'm sending you positive thoughts and hopes that your busy schedule will ease and your economy/tax situation improve for the benefit of you and your fellow Bhutanese. Have a good week!

  8. It really a very bad condition of the country that they want t raise the Gas taxes.People are very secure about the future and can,t bear these taxes.It unfair with the nation.It must be getting low.Nice work done on this blog,its very valuable information for all to aware from this news.However if you want to know more about Finance so have a look on tanner mainstain.


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