12 August, 2014

Judging from external appearance isn’t right judgment

When we see artists; lead actors and actresses, comedians and any other popular mega figures, we generally assume that they’re enjoying life at its height. We presume they’re the happiest around, surrounded by cameras and lights. Their lives are glamorous, always put on pedestal by huge number of fans yearning to watch them. But this doesn't hold true many a times.
Actor Robin Williams, the great comedian was found dead at his home. It was suspected that he committed suicide. It was reported that he might have been undergoing silent battle of depression within though he might have acted externally happy as comedian. He made others laugh but internally he might have been bleeding profusely.

 Even comedian is not happy as much as he appears. He wasn't enjoying the jokes as much as his fans did. Finally, he had decided to kill himself, incapable of crossing insurmountable state of mind he had been struggling through. It would be deadening shocks for many fans to hear of his demise, a person who had projected himself happy and who had been spreading happiness to others with his laudable comedies.
Late Actor Robin Williams. Source: Google. RIP

It was reported that someone had even gone to an extent of accusing that his passing was selfish act. This is morally wrong to say. He would have done his best to keep going until no longer he could carry the load of depression. A state of mind is something that goes beyond ordinary thinking. By sheer appearances one cannot make out his true state of mind. Inside, the bitter part dwells unexposed and covered by the external realities. Our judgment is purely external. Inside is something that no magnifying glass could make it visible to human eyes. Sometimes it is even difficult for heart to feel it.

Our hypothetical thought that people who are on limelight, life encircled by cameras and lights, richness in billions, are happy aren't true as we see many tragic stories of popular figures unroll on our way.

Atsara (clown) isn't happy inside as much as he is represented by mask.

PS: Written to convey my feeling that even comedians, as happy they appear aren't really happy. We don’t see inside part by looking from outside. 
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08 August, 2014

Losing eyes; the windows of the world

Windows through which I see the beauty of world is deteriorating slowly. Within a speck of barely two years into job, I can make it clearly. It’s losing its reach. I have considered myself with the best eyesight, not to have use enhancing glass, specs.  I had a clear vision of fairly far-off objects then. Now the same distanced object would appear blur to my eye. It’s on fall. This I assume may be the case for many office goers, especially who find themselves glued on the computer screen; officially or to kill off time. This is coupled up by TV at home; watching interesting movies, series, news and talk shows. Our eyes aren’t able to take all of these so often. This, it has already signaled though physically it is in form.  

I cannot afford to lose precious part of my world. It is priceless. What I get for my job cannot buy it either. Its value would be immeasurably high that salary of mine can replace. I cannot imagine entering into darkness after having seen beauty it mirrors. The world would be hard for me. I have been accustomed with this world through these two wonderful windows.

It is irrational for anyone to lose one’s eyesight for exchange of performing official duties. I shouldn’t overburden my eyes. The normal routine work would flow on, same way my eyes ain’t capable. Intermission is required. Pause is required. Break is required. Suspension for a while is required. These are the ways we treat our eyes. Our eyes ought to get treated every time we stretch on for few hours. It has to be paid in return. We cannot afford to overuse it. 

Source: Google

I have seen many friends who have started wearing glasses. They had good eyesight before. No unusual things did damage to it. It was  attributed to normal routine job that everyone of us do; office works, social networking, watching TV, playing computer games, playing with mobile phones, etc. I didn’t include reading in the list as it would account to very few.

We cannot insert full-stop on aforementioned causes, it has to go on. Our everyday homework must be to find out equilibrium of it. There is a need for setting a point of equilibrium, between work and rest. As much as work is important, our eyes are more important. The right balance is required. Every individual needs to find their own equilibrium. Equilibrium of me cannot be equilibrium for others. So set your own equilibrium; see how much your eyes can take.

Friends, think over this if you haven’t realized it. It is not too late. For me I have seen it declining. If I am to put on graph, it would be steep downward curve. This isn’t right time for my age to suffer Presbyopia. It is too early for that.

I shouldn't damage my eyes for helping Optical Business.
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07 August, 2014

When Birth coincides Death

“If peace can only come through killing someone, then I don't want it.”-Hiro Mashima

Sorry for one, for whom birth coincided the death. Given to see a light for seconds, he is made to resign immediately, never to enjoy the real beauty again. Though he might have a lot to say, he is just born. Though he might’ve the heart to seek refuge in others, he is just born. Though he might’ve hopes to grow big in life, it is torn apart at root. Though he might’ve lots to give back tomorrow, he is stripped off to go on. Though he might have much to tell world tomorrow, he couldn’t past a day to convey. For him dead tomb was nearby his birth. Sorry for all he couldn’t despite lots in him, he has to face inhumanly treat right upon his birth.

Who has the grave heart to kill one’s own? She couldn’t be a mother. If she is, she could be a heartless bitch not a mother. How can she throw her infant otherwise? How can she do that, dreadful act? She is not a mother by this act.

How can she justify tossing her own like a by-product. Even animals don’t. Her act is the worst of all, not doing of animals. Animals could teach her books on love and care one’s offspring ought to get.

If she says he’s fatherless, too hard to take shame of it, why not give him a humanly decent birth. Confess to the world that you cannot carry shame along and want to dispose him off, not to the forests, jungles, drains, safety tanks and host of grossly places, but to someone who has heart to grow him big, who sees future in him, someone who sees human in him. He would be happy that he is not in the hand of monster. He is given right to live not in his own home but in better-than-own home of other. The human home in fact.

If she is not ready for motherhood and got him by accident, why kill him? Look for someone who is in need of one but couldn’t procreate because of biological lag. They’d be happy as much as you are. He would be more than happy that he was given right of his own to live.

Why this innocent infant has to suffer out of his no mistakes. His only mistake was him being conceived in a wrong womb, for which he has no choice. It wouldn’t be his choice, if he has to make. It was an invisible karmic wind that has landed him into a wrong womb. That is the worst possible disaster, one cannot call for rescue. The only rescue is the human heart. Human heart is not heart, sometimes it is meant to hurt which is the case of Throwing Mothers.
Source: Google
Please would-be mothers, never find second womb in forests, jungles, drains, dustbins, safety tanks, riversides, caves and roads. You have to care your young ones as much as you were blessed with love bestowed by your mother. What is wrong in giving birth to a young one? Only difference is that he has no father, technically he has one. You are not the one example, the first one to do that. There are many who did it. There is nothing wrong in this. This isn’t sinful but killing him is sinful.

There is no solution in throwing?

Laws of land must see through. Kith and kin around must see through. Friends must see through. Everyone in her circle must see through and give rightful birth.

Never throw your own born. He is all of your blood and flesh. He would be more of you as he grows. He wouldn’t be dissenting that he is fatherless, he would be grateful that single parent had brought him up bravely. In him everything of you is golden at heart. So, never throw.

If you cannot grow him, at least do not kill him. Never Throw. Throwing isn’t a peaceful solution. Solution lies in your love to him.

PS: I have written this in the light of increasing child abortion and leaving (precisely dumping) infant in odd places for someone to take care or die.
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06 August, 2014

Of 100%

If you want to love;
Love all your heart,
No half-heartedness,
No wish for return,
Love in its purest,
You Love 100%.

If you like to offer;
Take no regret,
For it calls suffer,
Offer in its purest,
You offer 100%.

If you give helping hand;
Wrap not with expectations,
Put no gown of conditions,
Help in its purest,
You help 100%.
Source: Google
If you want to talk;
Put on all senses,
Look, listen and feel,
Talk in its purest,
You talk 100%.

If you want to read;
Read in, through, over and beyond,
Invite no distractions,
Call no interactions,
Read in its purest,
You read 100%.

Everything you do;
Do with everything of it,
Do everything in its purest,
You do everything 100%.

So friends; every time, everything 100%.
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04 August, 2014

Who should be blamed for poor performance in English?

English is a second language to Bhutanese so it’s not a big concern. Know the truth and it is a concern. More than the national language we correspond in English.  In schools, students write in English more, read in English more, speak in English more and everything that student does in school is more in English medium. Why poor in English? Equally the question looms, is performance in Dzongkha better than English? For now let me dwell on former.
We know that the performance is poor in English if the scores of exam is a scale by which we draw lines of standard. This issue is not very new to us for any surprise. The question of education standard itself has been on debate for years. There are some local school of thoughts who say the standard is on fall and other side we also have some school of thoughts who say it has gone up. It is a hot bed for debates and discussions.
There is a need we crane our necks to see beyond the question of poor performance or standard. The students couldn’t perform well. For this neither can we blame students nor teachers. They did their share of responsibility-learning and teaching. Teachers, they do full compliance on curriculum checklist as designed by CAPSD. Students, they do their learning as taught. Where did either of them, or any of the stakeholders go wrong? Who is to be blamed for this? This is a home work for students, teachers, parents, education ministry, and policy makers to answer. These remain incomplete in the book of education. We have thrived on the issue for long but never raised ourselves out of it. It was a long conundrum for our education system.
Source: Google

We whined questions are tough. We have pointed the reading habit is poor, I agree. We said it is too technical and lengthy, time given was not enough. The poor performance is attributed to those reasons, simply these impeded the performance.
We cannot always sit on comfort, with these whining solutions. It’s a misnomer to label it solutions. These are mere excuses. It isn’t solution in itself. We have lived this way and nobody sees anything beyond. At least this is an indication at this point in time. It’s a case; we knew there is worm inside intestine, we also knew that there exists a cure for it. But we couldn’t spot what has led that worm in, which is all-time panacea for it. In the same line, our issue is to dig out what factored for poor performance. The clicks and tricks that has to be unearthed.
Report says urban students could better perform in English than their rural friends. There is truth in it. There are many parents-most of the urban dwellers in fact, the first language in family is English. So, performing well in English is the trait inherent. Whereas, in rural areas students hesitate to utter a word in English unless they are in class.
Despite all odds and dim future in going with it, we sit hopeful, optimistic and positive of the radical reform that the present Education Ministry is under way. We hope our teachers become better teachers, students become better learners and score board is colorful. We anticipate the question of standard and poor performance would be dropped with this major surgery that the Education Ministry is under process.
The question stands on our way-who should be blamed for poor performance or standard; students, or teachers, or parents or policy makers? Who should look beyond and where? Should we wait, wait and wait… for solution to come from blue? These are food for thought everyone must put on their plate of thought over and over again.

We accept we are wrong somewhere at some point. Need to spot that point. Where do you think is a problem area? 
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