10 July, 2013

When you go to Poll Day

Pre-poll days, the politicians traveled any lengths to sway voters. The general public, the voters also saw themselves along two party lines in the fray. They too went rumoring around to lure in the voters to the party of their choice. Amidst these activities, a lot of complaints inundated the desks of District Dispute Settlement Bodies in various districts. The most of the complaints, as reported through media outlets by ECB, was found baseless, it was about trying to down bring the opponents as a vantage point to further political mileage. In these political dramas staged and witnessed across the nation, the voters were made to oscillate between two parties. They were fully confused as to whom should one trust and place faith by pressing the EVM button on Poll Day. Some avid amateur political analysts were worried of growing voter apathy which may get replicated in our country too, if the kind of election process that is faring in 2nd Parliamentary Election in Bhutan is anything to indicate. This was also indicated by the voter turn out in the primary round as compared to the figures of first Parliamentary Election. The people saw the disparate election process in 2013 unlike that of 2008 which fared  well albeit handful problems in remote parts, that is only usual scene around the globe. We can understand and tolerate in 2008 but not in 2013, for we must progress as nation at all levels rather than treading the downhill way. This was never a noble vision  and dream behind, by our monarchs handing over the country to people attaching with it a huge trust. More than any one in the nation, I felt that political process in the country would have worried our dynamic monarchs, after all it was monarchs who with farsighted view decided to let people take charge of the government, an unprecedented epitome in the world. Thus, we have seen ourselves walking blindfolded.

Whatever happened had happened. We have no option for undo button, it's all done  and let it be done forever. For now, we must lift our heart and mind to provide final judgement. We should let the justice echo with the chorus of "Paldhen Drukpa, Gyal Lo" that we sing together on all rejoicing victories. When there is call of nation, we cannot remain complacent, constantly moved by political winds blowing at all directions. Now, its time for us to rationalize in the truest sense the pledges parties offered, the talks about one party accusing another and vice-versa. The verdict is tabled for 13/07/13 Poll Day. These verdict is to be passed not by the judges  of judiciary but by electorate, for whom the parties went greasing the palms. But we must not get easily lubricated and set motion to press button, our heart is  hidden  inside so that we can judge with highest privacy without the worry of being seen by anyone. So, we need to think not for today but for eons, the generations that would follow, it would be our blood links that would face the brunt of our wrong decision.We ought be right in our decisions. 

All I am pleading and calling on nation's behest is that we must set our conscience right on Poll Day, not being influenced by bountiful political mucks that we have witnessed pre-poll days, we must act our judgement single mindedly without an undue tiny hint of foreign body's say overshadowing our decision to vote. We should act our franchise in the most righteous manner. One goes to Voting Compartment all alone, it is secret judgement line that your drop in for completing a book of final judgement. People of Bhutan had been always right and this time you shouldn't be wrong. I can vouch a right shall be born.

Your vote is your franchise, a precious gift that came from golden throne and we cannot think of abusing the legal right by trading for self-good, a larger interest must rein. Vote for the best and let glorious PALDHEN DRUKPA see yet another unprecedented progress under new government, with a  right choice that people make.

Your vote is ONLY yours! Adieu for Poll Day.


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