18 July, 2013

Bhutan voted for Change

The people of Bhutan had voted in People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the then first Opposition Party of the Bhutan, perhaps the least Opposition in the world it had been. PDP won 32 seats casting in as the ruling government for next five years, where Druk Phuentsum Tshogpa (DPT), the then first democratically elected government secured 15 seats, making up the Opposition.

It was a matter of immense surprise to witness unexpectedly huge victory over DPT, which had proved formidable if primary result is anything to indicate, wherein DPT received a grand victory over three contesting parties. Until the eve of General Election, undoubtedly, DPT had a huge support. If not for the events that unfolded in the proximity of Poll Day that was all against DPT, the face of Election Result could have been very different than what had been witnessed. The events that unrolled at the eve of election though (might be) well-intentioned were ill-timed. This, to my understanding and knowledge had hugely impacted the election outcome. There was also a lot of scaremongering that went length and breadth, which stirred the sentiments of the people. Also, as reported by Former PM, the likely Opposition Leader, there were some lapses in the election process. However, this can be strengthened with time. Whatever be the case, the will of the people would be respected for they have exercised their franchise to elect PDP as the new government, a choice for change.

The conceivable reason why people of Bhutan voted for PDP could be that they have ample promises to offer for the people, the pledges that could lift up the sentiments of the voters, who are all loaded with earthly expectations. So, PDP could provide in black-and-white, the promises that well sync with the expectations of the voters. For, DPT they were under duress to squander off their campaign period in replying to the accusations made by the PDP who had numerous flaws to point out from the past five years. Some people (possibly anti-DPT) even blamed that DPT had no pledges for they had observed DPT candidates talking about their achievements and successes of the past five years when time was earmarked for talking about their pledges to the people, an offer for next five year if elected.

Personally, I see no justifiable reason, a lone benefit that would accrue out my inclination to either of the parties. My vote is not for the party but for the candidate of my constituency, who can act as proxy on behalf of the constituency uncompromising the larger interest, the interest of the nation at the cost of one’s constituency. A candidate who could stake to save the interest of the nation for continued peace, harmony and prosperity in the country. The self interest must be subordinated by party interest and party interest must be subordinated by the interest of the nation. The nation must seat atop.

We congratulate both the parties for breaking through primaries, for it only shows the trust and faith that people have for the two parties who were in the ring to take a new journey, a journey towards Democracy. Also, we applaud the parties for transcending through thorny pathways of general election and look forward for yet another season of growths in our country under the helm of PDP government, a horse on whom our trust and faith had been loaded expecting to carry on without losing faith. A nation’s wishes and prayers are resoundingly chanted. It’s time for the government to listen and meditate for enlightening growth of peace and harmony in the country.

Adieu Election 2013!


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