09 July, 2013

Torrential rain to drench the purse(of Bhutanese)

It is like torrential rain in the abundance of water, a saying in Dzongkha. People of Bhutan shares  brunt of Rupee Crunch, Frozen Loans, Ban on Vehicle Import. The pang of the pinch these had brought is still heard in the hearts of every Bhutanese whatever be the noble reasons asserted forth by the concerned.

Those are not an exhaustive list, today it is about doubling the prices of LPG gas and Kerosene. Yet another catastrophe that thunder-stormed the sentiments of the people.  No sooner than the news rustled the ears of people, the people rushed to respective depots to get their empty cylinders refilled. It was an unwelcome hike when an economy is already hard hit with the inflation at its climax. When the pain of inflation is still on, the news of doubling prices of LPG gas and kerosene is definitely the tornado to the household exchequer that shall deplete a meager income of many.

People have started planning for their expenditure and village folks think of firewood as a better substitute but this may not come easy where constitution mandates to maintain 60% forest cover for all-time. There are people who went onto accusing the government, the deteriorating relations with India, who then started phasing out  the subsidy(as the news of deteriorating relations is rift around this time of the year).

The past government may not be in position to undo it until it comes to the helm, the interim government had forwarded bilateral request for the reconsidering the subsidy. The response looks dim, if the news of tapering-off bilateral relations with India is anything to go by. Presuming it otherwise, the people are optimistic of the response from India as he had always stood by our side, the highest development partner since the start of FYP development in the country. So, probably India may not have tripped off a strong bond that two countries had nurtured, an epitome of bilateral relations until date. The duo had a typical neighborhood, noticeable globally. A little smearing by political propaganda may not shake to that extent it is construed today. And this should not be the case in any way. Bond with India must be kept pristine and any government government coming to the reign could possibly think of concreting it further.

PDP had accused DPT for the dwindling relationship which had then resulted into coming of aforementioned consequences. They construes these consequences the aftermath of weakened bilateral relations with India. Personally  I feel, that there is need for every Bhutanese to have look to the problems straight. But there is no reason for a tiny ant like Bhutan, sandwiched between two giants to point fingers one another. We should rather come to consensus to resolve the problems if these are in the interest of the nation.

Whatever be the case, the brunt of doubling the prices of LPG and Kerosene, the frozen loans, ban of vehicle import and Rupee Shortage will remain a talk of every Bhutanese. There is nothing one could do until the next government elect. Probably, we could only hope for better.


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