12 June, 2014

Thimphu, Pre Modi's Visit

India and Bhutan shares a special relations from the time of Jaharalal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. Since then, the two countries has grown rapidly in their relations. It has withstood the tests of time and shall continue down the line, transcending the party politics. This is further evidenced when the newly elect Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a choice to visit Bhutan, as his first foreign tour destination despite inundated invitations from other countries across globe. This simply signifies the commendable ties that the two countries shares, it's surely beyond politics. The friendship is well-nurtured from within, the heart of every citizen of the two nations.

And that’s the reason why the present government has decided to treat Thimphu, a different way. The preparations are all set in full swing. The green fence between highways is removed and tree siblings planted. The holes and bumpy road in and around town areas are filled and repaired. The Thimphu City is clean with no litters. The series of gates installed, welcomes the Prime Minister with due deference and pride. The prayers are hoisted along the highways, unfolding heavenly welcome mat to hon’ble Prime Minister of India, deserved as our closest and the best friend of all weathers.
Bhutanese Students line up to welcome Mr. Modi, PM of India (source: Google)

The prayers flags of two countries and portraits of the two Prime Ministers are hung in every shop to symbolize the friendship. On the day of arrival, students and people along Paro-Thimphu highway would welcome hon’ble PM with two countries’ prayer flags in hands. The bundles of flowers would be offered as show of love and affection.

Hon’ble Prime Minister would call on His Majesty the King, the fourth Druk Gyalpo and the Prime Minister of Bhutan. The talks in these meetings would revolve around strengthening friendship between two countries and ways ahead for mutual development. He would inaugurate the completion of Supreme Court Office of Bhutan.

Second day, the hon’ble Prime Minister would address the joint session of on-going Parliament and leave the country the same day.

My personal take on this eve of preparation is that I pray for a frequent visit of the Prime Minister of India to Bhutan, not only in Thimphu but in other parts of the country. The country would take a different course in its development. The scenery would be really beautiful like the one we see Thimphu at the eve of his visit. It illuminates the colors of happiness. 


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