18 June, 2014

NA dodges NC’s recommendations and endorses the revision

National Assembly on show of hands finally endorsed the long drawn out pay revision as they had it last discussed putting to naught, the recommendations made by National Council Members. NC has proposed practical recommendations; 1) to defer the salary revision to Ministers, MPs and constitutional post holders until such time our economy reverts to a better shape, 2) to give 20% revision to civil servants after clubbing up existing 15% allowance with basic salary, 3) suggested a decrease in salary revision for Prime Minister, Ministers and equivalent post holders and MPs bringing down to a fairly practical and implementable one. However, for all of these, in a pretext of respecting the recommendations, the NA chose to re-deliberate on it but a single recommendation couldn’t get through the walls of NA members. They’re all adamant to the earlier decision to pass through despite resistance from the Opposition Members.

The Speaker has anchored himself around the axis of prerogatives the NA holds over any money bills. It was a very clear indication one could easily perceive from the stand that he took in an entire discussion. He reiterated and restated the sections under which the prerogatives of the NA are enshrined. The NA has the prerogative, as to take or turn stone-deaf to the recommendations forwarded by NC. Finally, as they have decided already, it came through.

The Opposition Members has objected the decision as people were totally unhappy of the move, the revision that won’t really serve its purpose. When the inflation is already high in the market, it would aggravate the problem by calling for a meagre hike. Most importantly, people are concerned when salary revision for MPs and Ministers was raised exorbitantly as if their salary raise doesn’t deplete nation’s exchequer.

Whatever be the height of clamor, there isn’t the dimmest hope for change until few years they choose to butter the sentiments of people as they stretch for yet another election. At least at this point in time, the decision that they have taken for their own favor and against the wishes of people stands immovable. KUDOS to all!!!

My personal take on this would be that, to not respect the recommendations put up by the House of Review is something worth pondering, unless one construe all NA decides are infallible in every respect. To have shut down all their recommendations after deliberating at length at the expense of nation’s coffer could have detrimental consequences in future deliberations and ultimately in the decision making process. This may appear trivial but might bring in mammoth adverse consequences in near future.

The concerns of the people have to be reviewed and deserve better treat than one the government had meted out with. All the people can’t be made happy but on average, yes everyone could be made fairly happy. The likely impact by not taking into account the concerns of the people would lead to hatred towards politics and most importantly, the voter apathy may definitely ensue. I am neither a political Pandit nor expert on any field.

My views are my own expressions in my way, written just for writing. 


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